The artist Zazoo, exhibited in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, draws his inspiration from flowers to stars

The artist Zazoo, exhibited in Bagnols-sur-Cèze, draws his inspiration from flowers to stars

La peintre Zazoo aime travailler les contrastes. Ici à Bise’Arts où elle expose jusqu’au 6 juillet. I. S. – Midi Libre

Zazoo, jeune peintre bagnolaise, expose ses œuvres colorées jusqu’au 6 juillet dans la boutique Bise’Arts à Bagnols.

Élisa, whose artist name is Zazoo, is a 29-year-old self-employed painter from Bagnols who exhibits in the boutique dedicated to art, Bise’Arts in Bagnols, until 6’ ;nbsp;July. This boutique provides an exhibition room allowing artists to exhibit their works.

Zazoo painted her very first painting at 8 years old then she went on "stand-by" for a few years before getting back into it seriously in 2015. She was self-taught. "I’observe everything that surrounds me, I want to find my own style without influencing myself" says Zazoo who paints with acrylic or oil paint. In 2021, she decided to make it her career. In 2022, she exhibited for the first time in the Art & Co in Bagnols-sur-Cèze. She then exhibited at the Salon des arts in Saint-Laurent-des-Arbres and at the Larguier vineyards in Tresques. This time, go to Bagnols. "I’I want to exhibit at home, in the region."

"Passion pushes me to create"

Zazoo draws his inspiration from the night. "I observe stars a lot and I like the contrasts of black backgrounds with bright colors" she explains. In her paintings, she likes to draw flowers and portraits, "especially the look" she insists. She also paints what is linked to the esoteric universe like her painting Cordon d’argent.

When it is "launched" she can paint for eight hours straight."Passion pushes me to create, it’s a need to do it. […] I can't see myself doing anything else." True to herself, passionate and attached to her art , she sells her works and believes that "it’is always difficult to see her work go away". In the future, she wants to make herself known and "exhibit and paint as much as possible".

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