The artists retain the moral

Les artistes gardent le moral

A year has passed since the flooding of the Sainte-Marthe-sur-le-Lac. While Sylvie Marsolais and Alexander Mathys regained the pace in the creation of the masks from the goalkeeper, the crisis of the COVID-19 has slowed. Another blow to cash.

Because of the deep scars of the catastrophic spring of 2019 of course, are not closed, since the two artists are still in the government paperwork. Work to their home, and their shop ransacked in the last year are not completed. Property damage claims are in addition to the psychological trauma.

“I felt a significant decrease in energy last winter. The adrenaline rush was high. I also did a lot of insomnia, ” says Alexander, preferring now to look to the future.

Sylvie has for its part reacted to the heavy atmosphere hovering over the city.

New workshop

If the workshop is brand new is functional, the artists of the business of airbrushing (airbrush) cannot say as much of the basement of their home in the 33rd avenue, badly damaged by the rising waters after the rupture of the dike. It is located less than a hundred metres from the lake of Two Mountains and four streets outside of the forbidden zone access last year.

To regain their work life regular and exit the garage of a friend where they worked on the masks for a period of six months, Sylvie and Alexandre have prioritized the construction of their workshop. They have razed the old, and built their new lair with the precious collaboration of their family and their friends.

The result is flaming. The place is more spacious and airy. The sum of approximately $ 16,000 of funds raised thanks to the campaign sociofinancement was able to buy the materials.

“These generous donations we have saved “, breath Alexander in thanking all those who have also put their shoulder to the wheel.

“We managed to complete the structure and to close the workshop in time for winter. And the break caused by the coronavirus, has brought forward the renovations and repainting to the interior. There still remains much to be done. ”

The couple must ask the exterior siding, but at least he can occupy his premises without a problem.

On break

Since mid-march, it is the quiet almost flat in Sylabrush. The guns airbrushes are waiting for the return of the orders in the book. Sylvie has created three murals on masks to be delivered. As the professional teams and juniors are off in both North America and Europe, it is difficult to find customers.

The cancellation of the world championships also means losses, because the guards proceed to special orders when they wear the colors of their country.

In a different context, the production of 2020 will look like strangely to 2019. The artists include loss of about 50 %, which represents 40 to 50 masks completed instead of 80 to 100. Despite all, they keep to the moral.

“It is a difficult period for the production. We try to avoid thinking about, say Sylvie and Alexandre. It is the face of the unknown. “

Among the positive points, they can “buzz” to create the masks of the guardians fans on their waiting list. They also have to respond to ad hoc requests of the professional teams by the resumption of activities.

Their field of expertise is not only limited to the masks. They are able to operate their magic on motorcycle helmets, murals, cars, and trucks.

“You know it’s going to leave a given time. It is necessary to be patient, reminded Sylvie. And as entrepreneurs, we must learn to adapt. ”

The madhouse

One remembers the adventures of Asterix and Obelix in the house crazy to get the famous laissez-passer A38 asked by Caesar in The 12 works of Asterix. This is exactly what is happening to Sylvie Marsolais and Alexander Mathys.

Thirteen months after the floods, those whose insurance coverage did not include the flooding are still stuck in the maze for the administration of the government. They have filled a half-dozen of forms to be eligible for financial assistance from the government.

Only by the heaviness of its name, the “general Program of compensation and financial assistance when claim actual or imminent” may discourage those who need to become members in distress.

Always more

This program requires the filing of claim forms and documents as evidence. The catch in regards to flooding, it is that in many cases, these documents have bathed in the contaminated water and took the direction of the garbage.

In the folder Marsolais and Mathys, damage assessment of the material effect of their business amounts to about $ 60,000. The lack of knowledge of their craft by the appraisers and adjusters has slowed the process. We asked them, among other things, repair of the electrical equipment are heavily damaged by water. It was impossible.

“We quickly prepared the inventory of the equipment damaged by the floods of waters, and last January, we were asked to redo it using the Excel software. We also had to add pictures. In our case, it is always necessary to explain the grounds for complaint. There is always one more step that is added or it falls between two chairs, as this is not a known domain, ” says Alexander, discouraged by administrative delays.

“One has the impression that it is to discourage us further. We are in the process of fighting to get answers, ” says the one who continues to submit documents to the government.

Still waiting

The crisis of the COVID-19 continues to slow down the machine. These artists masks are still waiting for a amount of compensation. This is why they play cautious in the purchase of the necessary equipment. They limit the expenditure, since they are not sure of the amounts receivable.

By chance, they were able to raise thanks to the generosity of those around them. The beauty of the thing is that they had to fill out any form to get their help.

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