The asparagus shows up

L’asperge se pointe

The first vegetable of quebec to be harvested is finally ready ! Make sure you have all the tools that will lead the asparagus from your garden to your plate.

Cooking to the vertical

In this casserole Catering Line stainless steel 8.75-inch height, covered with a lid in tempered glass, rests on a steamer in which the asparagus are cooked to the vertical. With a handle to facilitate its removal, this cooker lets you achieve perfect cooking of the asparagus that won’t spoil. Compatible with the induction. > 38,97 $

Harvest in the garden

With its carbon steel blade and its cutting edge serrated, the knife a length of 12 inches, with a wooden handle, and cut easily, the asparagus and the fibrous stalks of other vegetables. This is a versatile tool ! Its narrow tip allows you to slice the stems selected, with no damage to the plants surrounding that continue to grow. > 29,50 $

Elongated in the plate

The Collection IKEA 365+ includes everything you need to create a beautiful table everyday, including these flat elongated porcelain feldspathic impact-resistant, providing a way to present asparagus as a whole, of the foot to the head. Three sizes available. > 6,99 $ 14.99

Peel safety

Because of its shape, thin and elongated, peel an asparagus requires precision and a good grip, to avoid getting hurt. With its serrated blade with a rounded shape and wide handle, this peeler asparagus OXO ensures the smooth functioning of this task. > 8,99 $


Slip into these for storage bags Omaiki wet and then air-dried to moisten them, the asparagus will stay fresh and crisp for longer in your fridge. Bags, woven in Quebec, are made of viscose from bamboo, organic cotton and polyester. > 16 $ and 20 $, depending on the size

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