The asteroid will approach the Earth at a threatening distance: NASA “lost”

A dangerous asteroid came out of nowhere with incredible speed

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Астероид приблизился к Земле на угрожающее расстояние: NASA "проиграли"

Asteroid 2019 RP1 overlooked

Last week by the planet flew by asteroid the size of a bus, which was not seen NASA as it approaches. As a result, the asteroid approached on the threat to the Ground – below the orbits of many communications satellites, and noticed it at the last moment, according to CNET.

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The culprit of the temporary panic was caused by an asteroid 2019 RP1, which on Thursday 5 September, he made the third-closest in 2019, the sunset, approaching to a distance of 37 399 kilometers from the surface of the Earth. In addition, it was the second fastest of the near-earth object that flew within one lunar distances from our planet this year. According to NASA, it was moving at a speed of 25.9 km/s.

Amateur astronomer Tony Dunn reported on Twitter that RP1 2019 “was not recorded until the dangerous moment, because he flew with the daylight side”.

Estimated to NASA, the size of the asteroid in diameter was 17 meters. For comparison, the meteorite that entered the atmosphere and exploded over Russia in 2013, knocking with thousands of Windows had a width of about 17 meters. This time the cosmic shard RP1 safely passed without incident, but we were just lucky.

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This once again proves that the most perfect equipment NASA might be powerless in the face of such sudden dangers from space.

We will remind that earlier spacecraft NASA is preparing to attack the asteroid. Also recently astronomers have discovered a strange flash in the center of our galaxy.

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Астероид приблизился к Земле на угрожающее расстояние: NASA "проиграли"

Астероид приблизился к Земле на угрожающее расстояние: NASA "проиграли"

Астероид приблизился к Земле на угрожающее расстояние: NASA "проиграли"


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