The attack at the Museum, orphan Theo and the Ukrainian Boris: impressions from the premiere of the film “the Goldfinch”

The movie goes into wide Ukrainian release on September 26

Vladimir Grisyuk

Today, 13:59

September 23, Kyiv hosted a preview screening of “the Goldfinch”. This adaptation of the novel of Donna Tartt – writer who received the Pulitzer prize in 2014.

The film is simultaneously simple and confusing. So, in order. Within the walls of new York’s Metropolitan Museum of art, a terrorist attack occurs. A lot of people killed, including the mother of a teenage boy named Theodore Decker (oaks Fegli, then Ansel Elgort). It so happened that the woman was looking at “the anatomy Lesson” by Rembrandt in the same room, and her son on “the Goldfinch” (picture of three hundred years ago the Dutchman Karel Fabricius) in another. That is, formally, the masterpiece saved the boy from death.

Теракт в музее, сирота Тео и украинец Борис: впечатления от премьеры фильма "Щегол"

A scene from the movie “the Goldfinch”

Theo temporarily takes to itself the family of Mrs. Barbour (Nicole Kidman), but soon appears on the horizon real father (Luke Wilson). It’s a pathetic actor is a loser, a gambler and an alcoholic, kind of like a drop to drink, but not always. He lives on the outskirts of Las Vegas with his drug-addicted and very frivolous mistress (Sarah Paulson).

Теракт в музее, сирота Тео и украинец Борис: впечатления от премьеры фильма "Щегол"

A scene from the movie “the Goldfinch”

The viewer will learn, who will grow up Theo and what role he will play “the Goldfinch” and Boris (Finn Wolfhard, then Aneurin Barnard) – a Russian immigrant from Ukraine, and in combination – an alcoholic drug addict, is closely associated with the underworld and unsolved murders.

Теракт в музее, сирота Тео и украинец Борис: впечатления от премьеры фильма "Щегол"

A scene from the movie “the Goldfinch”

In the film felt that the original story told by a woman (and directed by the man John Crowley tried very hard to pass). Filled with poetry, the fulness of sounds and colors, the motion picture shows how the painting of some long-dead artist even after three hundred years, can affect the fate of a number of people.

Watch a video about what could surprise Nicole Kidman, who starred in “the Goldfinch”:

The beginning of “the Goldfinch” is a bit overcast, so viewers who before watching the movie not read the book will be boring to watch the slow buildup of the plot. But for those who love the aesthetics of film with emphasis on major plans, individual interior elements, clothing, food and even touching – like the process of contemplation. Action, if you can call it that, placed mainly in the second part of the movie. Shot a little for decency, and it ended quite expected, sought lyrically with a slight bitter taste, not to spoil all the happy ending.

The film covers pretty much the fashion now – travel, philosophy of cosmopolitanism, the love of art, history, Antiques, the disclosure of problems and causes all kinds of addictions (Hello Gaspar noé!) and even kiss boys. But the Goldfinch is beautiful in itself, it’s exciting to watch and be inspired by each frame, not because it contains some special meaning, but because meaning is not important.

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For me personally, one of the most powerful moments in the film when the main character (as a teenager!) under the influence of drugs observes how the sun’s rays Shine rising in the cabin the dust. And here he recalls the attack at the Museum (there is also a lot of dust) where he lost his mother, which ended with his former carefree life and had to start all over again.

My rating: 7/10.

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