The attendants are well paid in CHSLDS, but an exodus feared

The response without a common measure of Quebecers interested to follow the training accelerated to become a care attendant (PAB) in a CHSLD public fears of an exodus of employees earning in average$ 13.50 to $ the hour in the private sector.

The Syndicat québécois des employees and employees of service (SQEES), which represents, among others, the orderlies working in the private sector, fearing the worst.

“The situation is exceptional, with the pandemic, and the government wants as many people as possible. But the fact that it is going to have, is that, in the private sector, employees who do not earn$ 15 an hour are going to go to apply for a win – $ 21 training, and then$ 26 an hour, then. And it guarantees them that if they pass the training of 375 hours, they are going to have a job full-time,” said Sylvie Nelson, president of SQEES.

The latter believes that the initiative of the government Legault will move the problem of labour. “It is agreed that the employees earn$ 26 an hour, they deserve it, but the other also. This is not normal, in the private sector, they earn 13, 14, or 15$ per hour. On average, they earn$ 13.50 to $ the hour. Even with the premium of$ 4 per hour, it only makes an hourly wage of$ 17. We are going to pay Paul to robbing Peter”, she insisted.

Educators in CPE

Sylvie Nelson stated that this new training, in addition to empty of their employees, NURSING homes and private residences, risks spreading the problem to other areas where workers are also less well paid.

“Our educators in CPE education earn$ 18 per hour and call us. Some think already become responsible to the beneficiaries”, she said.

On Wednesday, about 70,000 people had already signed up on the website of the government of Quebec in order to follow the accelerated formation of PAB.

The selected candidates will be offered an officer position in a CHSLD in which the salary will be increased to$ 49,000 annually, for 36,25 hours per week. This is an hourly rate of$ 26 an hour for full-time employees, including certain premiums.


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