The Auditor general implores the City to follow its recommendations

La Vérificatrice générale implore la Ville de suivre ses recommandations

MONTREAL – The Auditor general implores elected officials in montreal to follow its recommendations, after having noted that they are less and less applied.

“I’m not paid by the number of recommendations, I don’t have bonuses. When one makes a recommendation, it is because it is important”, reported Tuesday Michèle Galipeau, the auditor general (VG) of the City of Montreal, in a presentation to the city council.

In the area of performance and technologies of information, only 27 % of the recommendations made in 2018 had been settled in the following year, even if the City wanted to pay 80 %.

In comparison, 32 % of the recommendations of the 2017 and 41 % in 2016 had been implemented after the first annual follow-up.

“Honestly, I don’t understand”, he regretted Ms. Galipeau about this low rate of implementation, emphasizing the importance of accountability.

Fifty recommendations issued in 2018 there had been no follow-up by relevant units. Also, 87 were in the course of treatment, and 16 had been postponed.

As regards the audits of the financial statements, only one of the thirteen recommendations of 2018 was settled after a year and eleven were in progress.

The auditor general says it is confident that by 2020, the rate of implementation of the recommendations should improve, “in principle”, with control mechanisms implanted by the comptroller general.

The leader of the official opposition at City hall, Lionel Perez, blame the administration of the mayor of Montreal’s Valerie Plante for this decreasing rate of implementation of the recommendations.

“It shows the lack of rigor of the administration in order to push the services to comply with the recommendations of the office of the VG”, he said.

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