The Austrians want to build a space station inside the asteroid

                                Австрийцы хотят построить космическую станцию внутри астероида

For this mining base will not need walls.

The Austrian scientists propose to drill to the cave inside the asteroid to build a space station, and to extract minerals. They proved that mathematically it is possible to accommodate the cylindrical base in the asteroid with a width of about 60 meters.

According to Thomas Mandl from the University of Vienna, the plan has two advantages. First, the station will be sheltered from cosmic radiation. Secondly, it is easier to extract minerals.

“If we find the asteroid, which is stable enough for construction of the station will not need walls — the asteroid will be the space station,” — says the scientist.

Rendering of the project yet, its shape can be varied — from a simple cave to a complex spacecraft like the International space station (ISS).

For the project to be successful, the asteroid must be composed of solid minerals and to rotate 1-3 times per minute. At this speed the force of gravity heavenly bodies will be like those on Mars, which is 38% of earth’s gravity.

But the logistics of this enterprise remains doubtful if not to say “impossible”.

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