The author of a Renaissance painting identified thanks to artificial intelligence

Author of Renaissance painting identified by artificial intelligence


The author of a Renaissance painting has been identified thanks to artificial intelligence after 40 years of research by a collector. 

George Lester Winward, who had acquired it in 1981, suspected the Italian Raphaël (1487-1520) of being its painter.

Shortly before his death, he bequeathed the painting to the De Brécy fund, in France, so that researchers can have access to it.

It was finally the British universities of Nottingham and Bradford who managed to make the impressive discovery thanks to a recognition tool easy by comparing Raphael's Sistine Madonna with De Brécy Tondo, both very similar.

“Looking at the faces with the human eye, there is an obvious similarity, but the computer can see deeper than us, in thousands of dimensions, at the pixel level”, explains one of the professors responsible for the work.

The software has shown that these two works are 97% identical when we consider it to be the same artist if this percentage reaches 75% or more.

The issuance of a certificate of authenticity is always uncertain.

– According to information from BFM