The author of the hit “Protection, otmn” Jerry Heil – on the negotiations with the Potapov, friendship in showbiz and personal life

Exclusive interview with singer and blogger Jerry Heil

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Автор хита "Охрана, отмєна" Jerry Heil – о переговорах с Потапом, дружбе в шоубизе и личной жизни

Singer Jerry Heil

Extraordinary and at the same time simple, the singer of the people Jerry Heil in an exclusive interview Today.Lifestyle spoke about the popularity that suddenly fell on a young artist, what kind of man could love, and admitted, why he doesn’t want to work with producers.

About the unexpected success of the song “Protection, otmn”

– What expectations have you published on the YouTube channel written in 15 minutes the song “Protection, otma”?

– When in April I published this song, I had no expectations and rates. I just did what I wanted, but it turned out as it is now. Initially asked people, it may be worth it to sell this song (I also write the songs for sale), but most of the subscribers and friends supported me and told me to publish it. But there were those who insisted on the sale. Without heatersthe, just give advice.

Exclusive interview with Jerry Heil: watch the video

– When did you realize that the song caught the audience?

– Five minutes after publication on the channel the song has gained about 10 thousand views. And then I realize that this is new to me.

– You are engaged in blogging for quite some time. Tell me, the song “Protection, otmn” helped you to gain more followers on Instagram?

– Of course! I have up to this point was 54 thousand subscribers, and now has 117 thousand.

– What was the first reaction of parents to the song “Protection, otma”?

– I do always worry about the reaction of the parents, they are for me – a litmus test, to help you determine out whether I have something popular. And here’s “Protection, otmn” was the first song that they came in. All I showed them before – didn’t like it.

– What’s the inspiration to write now hit “Protection, otma”? It’s your personal story?

– No! I think that’s too young for such stories. Just her motive at all on hearing, and almost every second with this will be asked, so people she’s close. I just sat down and wrote it. It’s hard to explain where the inspiration came. What just is right and all that difficult – not yours.

Автор хита "Охрана, отмєна" Jerry Heil – о переговорах с Потапом, дружбе в шоубизе и личной жизни

Jerry Heil

About the family and education

Music you became interested at the age of three and in parallel brought up in a family of butchers who were not engaged in creative work. Do you think this dissonance creativity, and real life has influenced your tastes in music?

– It is quite possible, because I like a little conflict in all things – to unite different styles in clothes, music. I like to do quality pop and enter supernanny text. Connecting the unconnected – the novelty that attracts the listener.

The parent you have always supported your choice or there were moments of doubt?

– No, this was not. But the truth is, when I decided to leave the music Conservatory in Kiev, my parents just happened “aortic rupture”. Did not support me, but I still made the choice. But the fact remains that parents just raised me to be a musician.

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– Let’s talk about the Conservatory. What inspired you to throw it, because it is a very bold decision?!

– I went to this for a whole year. After the first semester I realized that this is not how I imagined my studies here. I imagined it more modern. Maybe I want to go back. The Conservatory people come with different levels of education, and the first courses is the so-called “egalitarianism”, and I had neither the time nor the inclination to sit this one out. I had taken the blogging and I thought that if you already start at this stage to make this “crust” I don’t need.

Creative plans Jerry Heil

– When can we expect a video for the song “Protection, otma”?

We tightened with the filming of the video due to the fact that doing it all on their own. We very long searched for investors. Clip-on average can cost up to 20 thousand dollars. I just take it? And while we have agreed with the sponsors of all the details, it’s been a very long time. It’s too late to make a video for this song. So we decided to shoot for the song “Vilna Casa”. And again: while thinking about the idea, already the first month of summer has passed (the date of record of interview – 5 July). I hope the clip you’ll see in a month, because I have a summer song that can’t come out in the fall.

Jerry Heil sings the hit “Protection, otma” in operatic and folk styles: video

– You on a new song called “Mi – Presidente so country”?

No, that’s another story. And this song is very risky to write.


– Because many perceive it through the prism of politics, although there is absolutely nothing there. I really took the phrase, said Vladimir Zelensky, namely: “Mi – Presidente so country”. It is, and I fully agree. And then there’s this sentence: “Lis selen on most rune”. And I started writing that I engaged in propaganda.

This song could be a prototype of a new national anthem in Ukraine?

– Honestly, I wish our anthem someone- not necessarily me – changed. It is very depressing words, and when I hear it, I have welling not tears of pride and a lump in my throat.

Автор хита "Охрана, отмєна" Jerry Heil – о переговорах с Потапом, дружбе в шоубизе и личной жизни

Jerry Heil

– Imagine that we lost all the music in the world and you have only one choice. What song would you leave in your player?

– I know! This is the song Francis Poulenc Stabat Mater. This French composer, who lived in the 20th century, but still remains modern. He wrote the music, which is now suitable for any film. Song title – Latin, and means “the mother was standing”. It is a spiritual piece about the virgin Mary, who mourned the crucifixion of Jesus.

How much does Jerry Heil

– Do you remember your first earning? At what age was it?

My first earnings – 80 UAH. My father was a failsafe in all my requests, I begged him, at the time a very expensive camera and said they wanted to be a photographer. I was 15 and I learned to manipulate photos. Actually, the first photo shoot I was doing for 80 hryvnia per hour. Later in one of the institutions Vasilkova I was paid 100 hryvnias for performance, as the singer.

– What was your first party?

My relatives constantly asked me to perform at weddings. This, I believe, also corporate events, and of course, me nobody paid. But I save on gifts. Then, after the release of the song “Protection, otmn”, I was invited to speak at the wedding, and it was only the first days success. I didn’t know what price should be set, and then I paid $ 800. By the standards of show business is enough, but for me it was very good money.

About the “pitfalls” of Ukrainian show-business and concerts in Russia

Under your video on the YouTube channel a lot of positive comments left by subscribers from Russia. Tell me proposals to go to Russia with concerts already received?

I don’t know. I have a concert Director, through whom are all suggestions. I shifted all responsibility for PR Agency to deal exclusively with creativity and not be distracted by organizational issues.

A lot of your colleagues took the decision to stand in deputies. Have you thought about this?

– I’m not ready yet. And any suggestions I have not received. Moreover, and even thoughts were not.

Автор хита "Охрана, отмєна" Jerry Heil – о переговорах с Потапом, дружбе в шоубизе и личной жизни

Jerry Heil

– If you dream that in a few years you still will go to the Parliament, which in the first place, no change.

– I’ll start with the national anthem…

– You have already faced the sharks of the Ukrainian show business? Someone has already put a spoke in the wheel?

– No, not experienced yet. In fact, we are all friendly and have formed close circle of friends. Vera Brezhneva I helped and advised with whom to sign a contract. Many congratulations, in particular, Katya Osadchaya, Nastya Kamenskih and Potap.

– By the way, about Potap. According to our insider information, you negotiated about cooperation. What came out of it?

Do you know what he wanted (of cooperation – ed.), but specifically do not offer. Negotiations on financing have not been, at least to me.

– I would like to work with MOZGI Entertainment?

– In some projects – Yes. I’m just afraid of producers, I think this thing is a thing of the past. I – a product that didn’t need elaboration. And I think that it is not necessary to give the lion’s share of their income “uncle”.

About my personal life and the man of my dreams

Are you recording the tracks with musician Novel by Cerenova with whom you spend a lot of time in the Studio. Maybe you communicates something bigger than music?

– I think that his wife and two children would be greatly surprised if we were United by something more than music! We’re friends, and sometimes we just read each other’s minds.

Автор хита "Охрана, отмєна" Jerry Heil – о переговорах с Потапом, дружбе в шоубизе и личной жизни

Jerry Heil

– Your heart is free?

– Yes, and I have absolutely nothing against relationships. Just haven’t had time or opportunity to meet someone on whom you look and think that’s it, my man.

– Who could love successful Jerry Heil?

– It must be a successful and purposeful person. Successful is not the one who has already achieved something. In the eyes of a man understand that he definitely will do something. We just have to look in one direction.

Your hit has these words: “He vnoc calling me La, and I don’t Ln. I – Ian”. Did you get that in life, in relationships?

– No, thank God!

Автор хита "Охрана, отмєна" Jerry Heil – о переговорах с Потапом, дружбе в шоубизе и личной жизни

Jerry Heil

And if this happened, your reaction?

I don’t even know. You can think of one, but then when it happens, people are out of control. You can throw it out the window (laughs – ed.). And in fact, if a man does that, he has a reason. The guilt never one to shift.

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