“The Avengers: Complete”: Marvel studios has released a new trailer. Video

"Мстители: Завершение": студия Marvel опубликовала новый трейлер. Видео

The new film will be the fourth.

The curtain on the movie “Avengers: the End” (Avengers: Endgame) was asleep, and now fans know more details about the new film. The Marvel studios finally announced the official name of the movie, showed all the characters on the poster and published a new expanded trailer.

The second trailer sci-Fi film “Avengers: the End” appeared on the YouTube channel of Marvel Studios today, March 14. For an hour it was viewed almost half a million times. Interestingly, almost all the frames of the new trailer are shown in black and white, highlighting only the red shades.

The new film will be the fourth, which will bring together all the superheroes of the Marvel universe. They will be forced to unite to save the world. After all the infinity stones in the gloves of the villain Thanos disappeared half the population on all planets. So there is no part of the superheroes in the new trailer are mourning grieving friends with superpowers.

The new film will be a continuation of the famous film “the Avengers: infinity War”, which was released on cinema screens in may 2018. In the new “Avengers 4” fans will learn whether Iron man to get home to earth after a terrible disaster, at what point will feelings arise between superheroes Black widow and Hawkeye and how will be in their team’s new superhero – Captain marvel, which in the previous film was sent to the pager alarm.


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