“The Avengers: Finale”: Marvel studios remembered in the nostalgic video for all your movies

For the upcoming premiere of the Studio is preparing thoroughly

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"Мстители: Финал": студия Marvel вспомнила в ностальгическом ролике все свои фильмы

“The Avengers: Finale”

Before the premiere of the film “the Avengers: the Final” trailer which “blew up” the network, we only have a week and Marvel studios have released a new video called To the End (“Until the end” or “end”).

Note that the “Avengers Finale” interchange the scale of history, which has 22 films. Nostalgic in new video Marvel remembers all his heroes and all the movies, even “the Incredible Hulk”, only with the person of Mark Ruffalo, not Edward Norton.

The video is a reminder of how far these characters over the last decade and as a confident and diverse they were presented by Marvel Studios. There is footage of Dr. Strage. Also in the teaser there is a scene that is directly related to the recent “the Avengers” and showing all the survivors in the camp in the headquarters of the Avengers. Is a short look at Thanos.

In the car, “Avengers Finale” out on April 25.

Earlier, Marvel revealed another scene from the movie “the Avengers: Finale”. The premiere of the fragment took place in the morning TV show Good Morning America, where he invited actors from caste to talk about the upcoming premiere. Note that the film of kynoselen Marvel’s “Avengers 4”, about which we wrote earlier, will go at least three hours.

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