“The Avengers: the Final”: all you need to know about the film

Perhaps “the Avengers 4” – the most anticipated Marvel movie

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"Мстители: Финал": все, что нужно знать о фильме

“The Avengers: Finale”

Superhero blockbuster “the Avengers: Finale”, about the characters which was recalled Marvel studios, is set for release on 25 April 2019. This is the fourth film about the Avengers, and he will be the last for many heroes kynoselen Marvel. Today.Lifestyle will tell you everything there is to know about the movie “Avengers: Finale”.

“The Avengers: Finale”: the plot of the film

As you know from the trailers, the survivors after the battle with Thanos the Avengers, decided to join him in the fight again to bring back the people he had previously destroyed. The team of superheroes will join and Captain marvel. Judging by the commercials, will survive and Tony stark. But what will be the outcome of the film is unknown.

“The Avengers 4”: who played in the movie

In the fourth film about the Avengers announced these actors:

  • Brie Larson in the role of Captain marvel;
  • Bradley Cooper in the role of the Missile;
  • Robert Downey Jr. in the role of Iron man/Tony stark;
  • Karen Gillan in the role of Nebula;
  • Scarlett Johansson in the role of Black Widow;
  • Chris Hemsworth as Thor;
  • Chris Evans as Captain America;
  • Evangeline Lilly in the role of Wasps;
  • Tom Holland in the role of spider-Man;
  • Josh Brolin in the role of Thanos;
  • Paul Rudd in the role of ant-Man.

As you can see, neither the Black Panthers nor Virgin, most likely, the film will not show.

It is worth noting that a few days before the premiere of the superhero blockbuster, the network appeared the exclusive new posters of the film. One of them was created by Illustrator Chris Malbon.

“The Avengers: Finale”: release date

The movie “the Avengers: Finale” goes worldwide on 25 April. In Ukraine, the picture will appear too in this day. Ukrainian fans eagerly await the premiere of the film “the Avengers: Finale”. Tickets, by the way, is already sold out like hot cakes. And the world fans, learn the official premiere date, booked in advance.

Earlier, Marvel studios released a new poster of the film “the Avengers: Finale”. Also, Marvel revealed another scene from the movie “the Avengers: Finale”. The premiere of the fragment took place in the morning TV show Good Morning America.

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