The average amount of a property loan in Occitanie amounted to 191,484 euros in 2023

The average amount of a property loan in Occitanie amounted to 191,484 euros in 2023

The average amount of a loan in Occitanie is around €191,500. MAXPPP – Jean-Luc Flémal

The Meilleurtaux site has drawn up a portrait of buyers who engaged in the acquisition of housing last year.

The specialized site Meilleurtaux has just published a study on the profile of borrowers in France in 2023. It analyzes their profiles, their age, their contribution and the differences observed between regions.

In Occitania, the borrower is on average 38 years old and has an average net monthly income of 4,486 euros. He has a contribution of 52,705 euros for an average borrowing amount of 191,484 euros. As for its loan, it is taken out for an average duration of 21.9 years.

The French have "dipped into their savings"

These levels show how access to borrowing is today mainly enjoyed by people who have relatively comfortable incomes. Meilleurtaux provides an explanation for what he presents as an ''explosion" of the level of contribution in 2023.

"This is not a surprise, comments Maël Bernier, spokesperson for Meilleurtaux. Faced with the rise in rates which significantly reduced the borrowing capacity of households and prices which fell very little, the French had to, to compensate, draw on their savings". She adds: "they borrowed less and brought more".

The most borrowing first-time buyers

Indeed, On average, it went from 48 144 euros to 60 637 euros, an increase of +26 %. As for the median contribution, it went from 19,975 euros to to 27 500 €, which represents an increase of +38 %.

In Occitanie, it was especially first-time buyers who were the most numerous to borrow. They represented 70% of borrowers. This is roughly in line with the national average (72%). 30-35 year olds represent, for their part, 43% of borrowers.

Priority, a "shock of demand"

However, this observation requires real estate professionals to find alternatives to project financing. "We are told about the supply shock, the desire to put more housing up for sale", analysis  Mathieu Massot, general director of the Montpellier real estate group FDI.

According to him, the most important and priority thing is to create a "demand shock". Indeed, he insists, "we can have goods for sale, but if there is no one in front, it is of no use& ;quot;. He campaigns to "find new forms of financing, especially for the younger generations".

Prioritize affordable housing

One of the solutions is to prioritize affordable housing. "This is housing in a main residence under resource ceiling with supervised loans. With, at the end of the chain, a sales price that is also regulated or capped".

However, there is still a way to go before the ambitions for access to priority are realized. Even if the context seems to be evolving rather favorably, as shown by the latest study by Laforêt Immobilier. It reveals that  19 % of French people "have made their project a reality or have intention to do so by the end of the year".

This represents 4 points more than at the end of 2023. In addition, "37 % of respondents believe that  rsquo;it is easier to buy real estate in 2024 compared to 2023.

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