The average price of LPG amounted to 15 UAH

Средняя цена автогаза приблизилась к 15 грн

From 6 to 7 December, the average price of liquefied petroleum gas fell by 23 kopecks to 15.13 UAH/liter.

Almost all of the network stations from 6 to 7 December reduced the price of liquefied natural gas. As transfers the Internet edition of the on Friday, December 7, enkorr writes with reference to the Consulting group A-95.

It is noted that the national average price fell by 23 kopecks to 15.13 UAH/liter.

The country’s largest network of filling stations of Privat group, in which the gas modules are equipped 505 stations lowered the prices by 44 kopecks./l up to 15,00-15,10 UAH/l At stations WOG price fell by 38 kopecks./l to 15.45 UAH/liter.

On station Glusco prices fell by 25 kopecks./l to 14.85 UAH/liter. BRSM-Nafta and Socar lowered the price of 16-14 kopecks./l.

In regional networks of avtotrans and the Family-Nick gas fell by 10 kopecks./l, Poltava Hopes – by 15 kopecks./l, Metropolitan network KLO – by 20 kopecks./l.

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