“The bachelor 9”: a kiss from Nikita Dobrynin in front of everyone

7 release of the season 9 of the show “the Bachelor” contestants will satisfied with Nikita Dobrynin scandal

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"Холостяк 9": кого поцелует Никита Добрынин на глазах у всех

Bachelor 9 episode 7 – preview

Already on April 18 will be the most romantic episode 9 season of “the Bachelor,” because the girls along with Nikita Dobrynin went to the country of love, France!

“In France, I flew in a chic mood. My dream is to visit Paris with a loved one, but I didn’t think my dream come true,” said Elizabeth.

But at the airport in Paris with a positive attitude participants will evaporate, when Nikita leave all for the sake of one of them.

“I thought it was a joke. They don’t let me go,” commented Natasha.

“I wanted to go simple. Take a ticket and go home,” complained Olga.

"Холостяк 9": кого поцелует Никита Добрынин на глазах у всех

The participant of the show “the Bachelor 9” fly to France Photo: press-service

With whom Nikita has decided to spend the day in Paris?

Later, Nikita will offer to spend time with all the girls to relieve tension that has accumulated since last week in connection with the appearance on the project “spies”. The General meeting will be held in Bordeaux, famous for its wineries. It is here that invented so-called wine marathon, which Nikita and will try to arrange for girls.

However, those will be are not too optimistic going into this meeting. After all, besides the fact that each individual waiting Dating, many of them will be difficult to cope with jealousy and resentment on the Bachelor, after he selected their rival on the most romantic date in Paris.

But the real drama will unfold when the women will witness the sweet kiss of a Bachelor and one of the participants! Nikita is going to cope with a wave of jealousy, tears, tantrums and claims? And one of the girls paid for their reaction to the ceremony of roses, we will see next Friday at 20:00 on the romantic reality “the Bachelor” on the STB.

And in the post-show “How to marry” Rose al-Namri girls will discuss the topic of conflict learn from the experts what kind of strategy they use in conflict situations.

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