“The bachelor 9”: how was the final

Know the name of the winner of the show “the Bachelor 9”

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"Холостяк 9": как прошел финал

The bachelor 9: how was the final

This Friday, may 24, the final took place on the romantic reality “the Bachelor”, which was held in passionate Italy. Two decisive dates and two special girls, and only one of them got the ring and words of love.

First, the Bachelor decided to meet with Dasha. Her Nikita is proposed to use the remaining jobs scratch cards, which she gave him in the first edition of the show in acquaintance, which she handed to him when meeting.

One of them together to try something new. The pair went to the restaurant, where he ordered the most expensive dish is raw sea urchin. Not like the food nor Nikita, nor Dasha together they only laughed about it.

"Холостяк 9": как прошел финал

Soon, however, they had a heavy conversation. Dasha admitted that he was angry at Nikita for his communication with other girls, however, could not give him an ultimatum and make a claim. The bachelor said he had long wanted to see how Dora gets mad. However, the girl held myself and tried to behave maturely.

The next task is to change the image. Couple went for shopping, and this activity raised the spirits of both of them. Then Dasha and Nikita had to eat one noodle for two, they went in the room. All was very romantic and ended with a kiss. The bachelor confessed that day saw a slightly different Dasha, and his pleased expression of emotions.

"Холостяк 9": как прошел финал

In turn, Dasha asked Nikita how it will relate to the fact that it will often devote time to your phone, because some of it is annoying, as well as candid photography. The bachelor replied that if the Dasha blogging earns money, he will order her is that only Nikita could see the erotic pictures of his girlfriend. Dasha this response is staged.

When the Bachelor girl realized that the task is over, Nikita decided to add one more thing – take a dip in the Jacuzzi. Dasha agreed, and they passionately had a great time.

Leela Nikita’s suggested to go to the volcano. Before that, they agreed that changing their area of responsibility, and now all must meet Lilia. However, the girl was initially unable to decide what to get, and then are unable to rent a car. In addition, it was necessary to know the way and ask for a map at the car rental. It turned out that the girl who’s studying to be a translator, fear of speaking in English. When Nikita started to talk to Leela in English, her mood completely soured, and his emotions she could not hide.

"Холостяк 9": как прошел финал

Nikita admitted he did not even know that it was going to end. A bachelor bought her flowers and offered to relax, not to lose time in vain, because this is the last date on the project.

The bachelor realized that Lily is not ready to step out of the comfort zone. Soon the girl asked forgiveness for his behavior, and the couple decided to spend the remaining time without a negative. Nikita invited Lila to learn to drive, she agreed. After avtorota their communication improved. The girl admitted that they, along with Nikita realized all her dreams.

"Холостяк 9": как прошел финал

Next, the couple went to the volcano. They went to the top and was impressed by the beauty around. After a difficult climb Nikita and Lily decided to spend the evening in a romantic atmosphere. The room they were in for a candlelit dinner. It was noticeable that Lily is sad because of the fact that this is our last date, at least on the project.

Nikita decided to help Leela to relax and get her massage, and gradually developed into passionate kisses and hugs. And it certainly was the most erotic moment of the whole season. Nikita admitted that he liked the figure of the Lily.

"Холостяк 9": как прошел финал

When it came time to make a choice, the Bachelor told each girl a lot of pleasant words. However, Nikita Dobrynin expressed a preference for only one participant. The winner of the project “the Bachelor 9” was Daria!

Find out interesting facts about the beloved Nikita Dobrynin – Dasha.

Note, Lily believes that Nikita Dobrynin was a coward and really doesn’t want a serious relationship, just didn’t pick her.

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