“The bachelor 9”: mom of the participants revealed, Nikita the mystery of the daughter

Mother Sophia told Nikita Dobrynin stories from her life

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"Холостяк 9": мама участницы раскрыла Никите тайну дочери

Contestant on “the Bachelor 9” Sofia

The main intrigue of the show “the Bachelor 9” will soon be revealed, and will be determined the winner of the project. So, a 10-episode 9 season of the show “the Bachelor,” the protagonist met relatives of Lily, Marina, Sonya and Dasha.

During a meeting with the family of Lily, the Bachelor admitted her father went through a divorce and also told why they came to the project. Overall everything went well.

But acquaintance with the relatives of Sofia did not go as smoothly. The girl’s mother and her sister told a funny childhood story Sony. “Nastya sat in the kitchen, and Sonia wearing someone’s clothes and leaned on the doorjamb and said, “Lube, I bought a beer” – fun to tell the relatives of the girl. It turned out that Sofia has decided to repeat the phrase from a then popular advertising.

"Холостяк 9": мама участницы раскрыла Никите тайну дочери

Nikita Dobrynin spoke with mother Sofia

This story threw Sophia in shock, and she’s quite emotionally reacted to it. The girl did not like that her children’s story published.

In addition, during a personal conversation with the Bachelor, the girl’s mother admitted that Sofia met not just with a married man – he was convicted. It’s hard to imagine Sony’s reaction to such revelations of her mother, but she didn’t recognize.

Despite the nerves Sofia, Nikita Dobrynin said that his attitude to the party have not changed dramatically.

Earlier we wrote that in an episode of Nikita Dobrynin kissed a girl in front of everyone.

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