“The bachelor 9”: the main plot of the fifth episode

The fifth series of the ninth season of the show “the Bachelor 2019” will be held April 5

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"Холостяк 9": главные интриги пятого выпуска

“The bachelor 9”: preview 5 release

5 April the next issue of romantic reality “the Bachelor.” This week Nikita Dobrynin grandiose plans – to arrange a date with maximum number of girls.

On the first date of the week you go four – Olya, Dasha, Sophia and the girls for the last ceremony of the roses got student tickets as invitations.

“We came next to my University, I was pleasantly surprised and confused, but I was wondering what will happen next,” commented Sophia, when she saw exactly where Nikita invited them.

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Bachelor Nikita Dobrynin was intrigued by the news of moving

“I expect a lot of nostalgia and memories of carefree youth,” – shared his expectations Bachelor.

But to remember the past are ready not all. What secrets of the past was hiding the girls, and one of them changed the appearance dramatically? And also why she will have a real tantrum and wants to leave the project directly during the meeting?

"Холостяк 9": главные интриги пятого выпуска

Olga decided to leave the show “the Bachelor”

Another date Nikita will be with those who have long dreamed of whirl with him in the dance.

“I watched a video message from the girls, and a video of Natalie, Julia and Marina were dancing. In the dance man shows his real emotions, which are impossible to hide. And in dance man shows his role in the relationship,” says the Bachelor.

But the participants were not even aware that the realization of their dreams will be accompanied by a feeling of jealousy, after all, to quietly observe bodily contact in a passionate dance of the Bachelor and the opponent will afford not to all. Who will impress Nikita sexy movements, and what tricks will come running some of them to attract the attention of men, will see tonight at 20:00 on the romantic reality “the Bachelor” on the STB.

And in the post-show “How to marry” girls and experts will understand how jealousy affects relationships.

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"Холостяк 9": главные интриги пятого выпуска

"Холостяк 9": главные интриги пятого выпуска

"Холостяк 9": главные интриги пятого выпуска


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