“The bachelor 9”: who left the show and all the details of the seventh edition

Took place the seventh edition of the ninth season of the show “the Bachelor”

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"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и все подробности седьмого выпуска

Bachelor 9 episode 7: all the details of the seventh edition

April 19 was held the seventh edition of the show “the Bachelor 9” on STB TV-channel. The main character is the presenter Nikita Dobrynin. In the first issue for the heart of Bachelor fought 25 participants, but for the sixth there are only 7 girls.

In sixth edition it became known that the Bachelor together with all participants of show will go to France. On arrival in Paris, Nikita took the Lily, and together they went in an unknown direction. Girls upset, so Lily already been on a few dates with the Bachelor. The pair walked around the city, do romantic selfie, led a Frank conversation, gently embraced, kissed and even went up the Eiffel tower.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и все подробности седьмого выпуска

Kiss of the Bachelor with Lily

Meanwhile, the girls were settled in a luxurious mansion, but the mood was spoiled finally, when all realized that Nikita once again went on an individual date with Lily.

When Lily returned to the house to the girls, it’s another invitation for a date. Participants were intrigued, most invitations to date an individual was waiting for Olga and Natalia. As it turned out, on a date were invited.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и все подробности седьмого выпуска

All the participants show “the Bachelor 9” received an invitation for a date

Nikita Dobrynin met girls on the street and invited to take part in the marathon. Participants tried to outstrip each other. Natalia broke forward but had not completed the task. Then showed himself to Daria, however, the victory still went to Natalia.

Intrigue was the prize for winning. Suddenly, leading Gregory Reshetnik brought the girls… scales. But in the end it turned out that Natalia won 61 bottle of wine. Besides, the girl the Bachelor chose to retire with the winner of the marathon.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и все подробности седьмого выпуска

Dobrynin conversation with a participant of the project Natalia

After talking with Natalia, the main character went for a walk with one of the favorites – Daria, which also manifested itself during the marathon. On a mini-date, the couple kissed, and participants were shocked by what they saw. Dissatisfaction was expressed by Lily, and the atmosphere is stopped again to be relaxed. As a result, the Nikita Dobrynin left the girls, who continued the scandal. Especially to come to terms with an unexpected kiss could not Natalia, who was trying to get Dasha to conflict.

In order to abstract from the incident, the girls decided pokulinarit, and soon found another invitation. Everything is once again expected that the date will go Olga or Natalia, but the invitation went to Sofia, which also has special relations with the main character.

As it turned out, Nikita was prepared by Sony for a leisurely bike ride, but it turned out that the girl does not know how to skate. The bachelor decided to teach Sophia to ride a bike, but it rained. The pair took shelter in a cave, where were the hugs and kisses. And after the couple went to walk in the rain.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и все подробности седьмого выпуска

Nikita Dobrynin and Sophia walk in the rain

Next came a very unexpected event. Bachelor and Sonia was on the bed in one of the rooms of a common house, but the girl did not give him a kiss.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и все подробности седьмого выпуска

The bachelor making out with Sofia in the bedroom

Despite the fact that all went to Paris, most of the participants dissatisfied with the trip, especially Elizabeth, who dreamed to spend the romantic time with your beloved in the capital of love.

It is the ceremony of roses, and Bachelor once again had to make a difficult decision. All the girls are struck by the main character their adorable images.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и все подробности седьмого выпуска

The bachelor season 9 issue 7: the rose ceremony

The roses got all the girls, except for Elizabeth. A bachelor believes that their relationship has stalled and it is not very interesting to the girl. Though Nikita admitted that it is difficult to say goodbye to Elizabeth.

So, only Dasha, Sofia, Olga, Lily, Natalia, Marina.

The eighth edition will also be held in Paris, will be a lot of French passions, there will be no tears involved.

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