“The bachelor 9”: who left the show and details of the eighth edition

Was held the eighth edition of the ninth season of the show “the Bachelor”

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"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и подробности восьмого выпуска

In the eighth edition, the girl applied your magic

The eighth edition of “the Bachelor,” the 9th season was released on April 26. This week was the first individual date Nikita and Olga. In the previous esters Dobrynin emphasized the girl and even went for her violation of the rules of the show.

The young people had their expectations for future meetings. Olga admitted that she wants to communicate with Nikita has changed in a good way, to have something like a relationship.

Dobrynin, in turn, said: “I Have mixed emotions about the meeting with Olga. Prior to that our communication was not easy, there were some conflict situations, so I don’t know what to expect from this date. Maybe it will be the last, and maybe then our relationship will come to a new stage.”

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и подробности восьмого выпуска

“The bachelor 9” issue 8: individual date Nikita Dobrynin, Olga Photo: press-service

The meeting was relaxed. Nikita admitted that it was the first time when he and Olga were able to talk calmly without showdown. On the date the couple was in wrestling and kissing. In addition, Dobrynin asked Ola about the experience of a previous relationship. The participant admitted that he was involved with a married man who constantly criticized her, which affected the self-esteem of girls.

In the end Olya asked Nikita another individual date. He agreed, but this fact has angered other contestants.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и подробности восьмого выпуска

Participating in the test

Later Dobrynin played with the contestants in the game, “French passion”. “The bachelor” said that so I decided to check which of the girls knows how to hide their emotions and to cheat. Along with leading Gregory Reshetnik they invited members to secretly try on different roles: mistress, wife, secret fans, etc. And later to talk about them covertly, trying to guess the true way the first time. Ladies who have been out of the game, had to do the job of the leader.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и подробности восьмого выпуска

Lily was very unhappy kiss Nikita Dasha

The competition was won at once two girls: Marina and Lily. It was obvious that they feel at ease. So nick asked Marina to leave, to release tension and to individually talk with Lily. The girl apologized for his behavior at the previous date, admitting that got drunk and said some stupid things.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и подробности восьмого выпуска

Marina on a date with Nikita

The next individual date Nikita has invited Marina, hinting that they “will be able to look into the future”. And it really happened: make-up artists at the time turned them into old men. Marina was shocked myself at the image of the grandmother, but later relaxed and had fun with Dobrynin. At the end of the meeting, he gave the girl a rose.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинул шоу и подробности восьмого выпуска

The project has left Natasha

Later, Nikita held a farewell ceremony with the rest. Rose in the eighth edition have not got Natasha. The girl is very much offended by Dobrynin, arguing that it is unfair that she got – because she’s the only one on the project who took care of him.

Earlier, Nikita Dobrynin has unveiled his dream. He also told why they came on the show “the Bachelor.”

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