“The bachelor 9”: who will be the winner of project?

On show were two participants – Dasha and Lily

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"Холостяк 9": кто станет победительницей проекта?

The bachelor 9: Dora and Lily

This Friday, may 24, long-awaited finale of the romantic reality of “the Bachelor,” which will be held in passionate Italy. Two decisive dates and two special girls, and only one of them gets the ring and words of love.

Leela Nikita offered to go on the volcano, and Dasha – use the remaining jobs scratch cards, which she handed to him when meeting.

The participants intend at the last meeting with the Bachelor, reveal the soul and to make every effort to get the coveted ring in the final. But last time together will turn into an endless showdown.

“I’m mad at you – said Dasha Nikita already at the meeting. – I’m going to say what I have accumulated inside.”

"Холостяк 9": кто станет победительницей проекта?

Dasha in the final show “the Bachelor 9”

“I wasn’t ready for it,” shared a Bachelor.

And the question of Nikita about the future together not outright scare the girl. What are your unexpected parties show Dasha, than impress a man?

Lily stand in front of the face of his greatest fear, which Nikita had no idea.

“I was angry at myself because I knew that take and from the first minute Dating ruin everything,” says Lily.

“The mood was, to put it mildly, a little spoiled – confessed Bachelor. – I had no idea that it could go that way”.

"Холостяк 9": кто станет победительницей проекта?

The final show “the Bachelor 9”: member of the Lily

Nikita really wants to end a date, just starting it?

But these feelings no quarrel can not hurt. Passion in the end will win, and the heroes will not be able to resist the mutual attraction.

Who possess the heart of the most desirable men in the country, and with whom Nikita wants to stay after the project, will see on Friday at 20:00 at long-awaited final issue of the reality of “the Bachelor” on the STB.

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