“The bachelor 9”: who will leave the project one step away from meeting his parents

Will Nikita again to return Olya? Find out what will be in the 9th edition of the show “the Bachelor 9”

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"Холостяк 9": кто покинет проект за шаг до знакомства с родителями

Bachelor Nikita Dobrynin

Wine by candlelight, romantic adventures, gourmet gifts and kisses… imagined the girls last week of dates before you meet the parents romantic reality “the Bachelor.” And in return, they will receive complex tests from Nikita. Because someone would have to be knee-deep in a swamp, and someone will be forced to overcome their fears and complexes.

So, one of the dates will be double – Dasha and Sofia the Bachelor will go to walk around the city of Bordeaux. The Dating atmosphere will be very tense, as the girls treat each other with hostility.

“Sonja was solid some sort of rebus, a riddle, it’s all super contrived,” says Dasha.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинет проект за шаг до знакомства с родителями

Double date the Bachelor with Dasha and Sonya

“He wanted to invite two girls out on a date, what was he thinking? We will have a friendly atmosphere, we will discuss your current problems and laugh at something from the past? No, it is not,” usbutils Sofia.

At some point, the Bachelor will propose to end the date because none of the girls did not want to keep the conversation going.

“I’m tired to entertain them. We can walk for a very long time, but I don’t see the point”, he said.

Would not that be a date for the two girls last?

Another date week will also be double. Him Nikita invited Olga and Lily. It is to LILE most of the girls are jealous of Nikita, because she had a very large number of individual dates. In addition, many can not forgive the man escape with Lily in Paris. Therefore, the realization that she’s going out with Lily would bring Olga to the next hysteria.

"Холостяк 9": кто покинет проект за шаг до знакомства с родителями

“The bachelor” season 9 episode 9: Olya outraged by the behavior of Nikita

“There is no desire to go on this date, there is a desire to collect the suitcase and go home. He was with Lily a lot of dates. A lot of time. I don’t deserve this time?” – indignant Olga.

Will Nikita again to stop her, because Olga is not the first time threatens to leave, will see on Friday at 20:00 on the romantic reality “the Bachelor” on the STB.

In the post-show “How to marry” the participants will talk to Rosa al-Namri about the competition on the project and determine which of them strategy competition the most successful.

Recall, a Bachelor Nikita Dobrynin said that “I met the one that wants to be together.”

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