“The bachelor” Dobrynin and Kvitkova undressed right under the Christmas tree: “Broke all the stereotypes”

"Холостяк" Добрынин и Квиткова разделись прямо под новогодней елочкой: "Разбили все стереотипы"

today, 20:36

Nikita Dobrynin and Dasha Kvitkova first showed reverent Christmas photo shoot in lingerie. Frames the most popular currency pair Ukrainian showbiz posted in Іnstagram. Celebrity was lying on the fluffy rug in the living room, cuddling underneath the decorated Christmas tree. So, the artists gently kissing the camera, not hesitating to show their feelings.

Before the New year, I want to talk not only about gifts, but also other important things. That should keep old and what to pick up next year.
Now, every one of us wants to be happy and few people realize that this can help finding healthy carelessness is a quality that many people underestimate🧘🏾♂ app. Healthy apathy— this skill is easier to relate to life and to see in her more positive moments.
And if you want to stop making mountains out of molehills, perfectly aware of what is happening in your life, but to think constructively, not focusing only on the bad, then my thoughts for you.

🧩Stop taking everything so personally.
People who always take everything too close to heart, risk to be in the hospital. So stop respond emotionally to the opinions of others people. It makes no sense to worry about what has already happened, especially if it’s the little things.

🧩Do not complain and do not regret.
Whatever happens in your life, try to notice the bad to a minimum. The more you complain about your life or circumstances, the more you have reasons for that.

🧩Understand that it is impossible to control everything.
Stop trying to control my work, studies and relationships. Accept the fact that life will always be uncertainty. It is even more interesting.

🧩Remember about cause-effect relationships.
Every action has consequences, not always pleasant. Stop worrying, when in your life something unforeseen happens, in most cases, you. More precisely, the decisions you make. So just do it and not look for someone to blame for their problems.

🧩Live by their rules.
Think about who you learn life and whose tips take this into consideration. If you are surrounded by here are just successful and happy people— continue to live as he lived. If not try to prescribe their own rules.“, – shared smart tips under the post Dobrynin.

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"Холостяк" Добрынин и Квиткова разделись прямо под новогодней елочкой: "Разбили все стереотипы"

"Холостяк" Добрынин и Квиткова разделись прямо под новогодней елочкой: "Разбили все стереотипы"

"Холостяк" Добрынин и Квиткова разделись прямо под новогодней елочкой: "Разбили все стереотипы"

We will remind, earlier the winner of the show “the Bachelor” got married: who is the new chosen charismatic beauty

As reported by the portal “Znayu” “the Bachelor,” Dobrynin gave the bride Kvitkove a photo session in bed, naked and happy

Also “Znayu” he wrote that the bride of “the Bachelor,” Dobrynin remarked on the roof of high-rise buildings

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