“The bachelor” Dobrynin told about the secret meeting: “what kind of relationship”

"Холостяк" Добрынин рассказал о тайном свидании: "что-то похожее на отношения"

Popular Ukrainian show “the Bachelor” continues and millions of TV viewers will soon be able to watch for a new date. So, on week 8 of the show, their personal Dating finally wait for Olga.

This became known thanks to the TV channel STB.

“I want the format of our communication has changed in a good way, to have something like a relationship,” admitted Olga.

"Холостяк" Добрынин рассказал о тайном свидании: "что-то похожее на отношения"

The frame shows from the 8th edition

“I have mixed emotions about the meeting with Olga. Prior to that our communication was not easy, there were some conflict situations, so I don’t know what to expect from this date. Maybe it will be the last, and maybe then our relationship will reach a new stage,” suggested the Bachelor.

"Холостяк" Добрынин рассказал о тайном свидании: "что-то похожее на отношения"

The frame shows from the 8th edition

About what his fantasies tell a sexy party, why she will fight with Nikita, and what her desire the man to agree to perform? Could it be a first date without hysteria? The girl will use all of his wiles to to get together with a Bachelor.

And this week Nikita will play with the girls in a game that should rip them all masks. Participants will talk about their secret desires, and Nikita will see who of them knows how to lie and hide their emotions. And he’ll expose the trick Dashi. You put that at risk of her staying on the project, we’ll see on Friday at 20:00 on the romantic reality “the Bachelor” on the STB.

And the rose Ceremony this week will be very surprising, because to see Nikita like this was not expecting anyone! In the post-show “How to marry” the girls will discuss with the Rose al-Namri topic labels, and the experts will help to understand the difference between what we in the eyes of others and how we perceive ourselves.

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