The bakery of a young 8 year old makes progress

La boulangerie d’un jeune de 8 ans prend du galon

The business continues to go well for the young baker of 8 years of Lachine. In fact, the sale of homemade bread, allowed him to hand over$ 700 a community-based organization, and it now involves friends in his project.

On 8 may last 24 Hours , reported the story of young Noah Dagenais, who had decided to engage in the manufacture, sale and delivery of bread, waiting for the return to the classroom.

Since then, Quebec has announced that classes at the primary school would resume not before September in Montreal. It was therefore decided to continue the operation of his bakery, which he named Bickerdike.

Up to now, it has managed to raise 700$, he handed it to the Relay popular of Lachine. Noah would like to give even a$ 300 extra this week to the organization, whose mission is to ensure food security to the community lachinoise.

In search of arms

Noah Dagenais would now like to join new friends in his project. Some are already helping with the deliveries.

“We would like to find other children who would like to make things like caramel or jam”, he explained.

The young Lachinois would not, of course, profits on the sales of his friends, wishing above all to see them involved in a community project.

This is already the case of Edward Dubuc, who uses the web platform of his friend Noah to sell his scones and home-made.

“It has produced about 65 packets of six scones. Last week, he had sold himself to the point of fall of Brossard and Laval of Noah. This week, it was by the internet site. A small seller in the making!” says his mother, Virginie Lavallée.

One hundred orders per week

The young Noah receives no less than 100 orders per week, and has produced nearly 1000 loaves of bread since the beginning of the adventure. It even has a new internet site, which can be found at the address

He is also a partner in a bakery now to sell his bread, and companies buy it for redistribution to various organizations.

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