The balance sheets of daily COVID-19 will resume Monday

Les bilans quotidiens de la COVID-19 reprendront lundi

QUÉBEC | Quebec is a backward step and will resume the publication of the balance sheet daily on the COVID-19 from next Monday.

This is what was stated by the new minister of Health, Christian Dubé.

“We’re listening : as of Monday, the publication of balance sheets daily about the evolution of the COVID-19 will resume. Since the beginning of the pandemic, our government has always been transparent. We will continue to be”, he wrote on the social networks by the end of the day.

The government Legault had been strongly criticized by the opposition parties after the announcement, the day of the national holiday, the end of the publication of the balance sheet daily on the COVID-19.

On Thursday, the national director of public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda, had defended his decision to stop publishing these results in arguing that it was not intended to hide anything to Quebecers, but rather to provide a better picture of the spread of the virus.

“This is not a political decision, this is a decision not to hide anything,” he said at a press conference in Montreal.

Of passage in the eastern Townships, Friday, to meet with the authorities of local public health, Dr. Horacio Arruda has said that the decision to resume publication of the balance sheet had been taken in concert with the government, where the announcement was made by Christian Dubé.

“It was done jointly, in the same way as the other times, he indicated. When we discussed the frequency of the output of the reports […], I said one of the solutions that you could do it is to make a publication less frequently, but with more data to be validated and the government agreed.”

Mask mandatory, a matter of time

The stripping of Dr. Arruda as to when the authorities will make masks mandatory in public transport has also continued Friday.

It has been suggested that a date would soon be announced for this new measure, which would first touch the bus and the subway, before being extended to other public places, as required.

“It is clear that if it is required, the location, in the main, the first, and then we would be like other, it would be in the transport. But if it is necessary to go further, we will go further, there is no problem here”, he said.

“I would love that you give a date, but as I do not control the dates, [ … ] you will see in time and place, you will have the surprise when it will be the meeting”, added Dr. Arruda.


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