The band dedicated the clip dead soldier APU. Video

Украинская группа посвятила клип погибшему бойцу ВСУ. Видео

Roman Bocharov died at the airfield near Kramatorsk.On the Day of the Armed forces of Ukraine, the group of “Wide LAN” presented video for the song “father sky”, dedicated to the servicemen of 3rd separate regiment of special forces the Novel Bocharova.

The storyline of the clip is based on real events – the history of the family that lost their husband and father in the war, and where the child sends letters to “father in heaven”. Despite the tragic background, and the clip and the song are upbeat and life-affirming.

Roman Bocharov with the call sign “Santa” was born in Lugansk. From the beginning of the war in the Donbass rose to defend the native land from invaders. Fighter first fought in the battalion patrol special police “Timur”, later – “Dnepr-1” and finally in the ranks of the 3rd separate regiment of special purpose. Along with his wife, the novel has raised three daughters, with the beginning of the war moved the family to the Dnieper, and then to Kiev.

Killed Roman Bocharov 1 January 2016 at the airfield near Kramatorsk Donetsk region.

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