The banks of the Dniester river, archaeologists found the grave of a witch

У берегов Днестра археологи нашли могилу ведьмы

During excavations near the banks of the Dniester river Ukrainian and Polish archaeologists found the grave of a witch. The age of burial of about 4.5 thousand years, reports У берегов Днестра археологи нашли могилу ведьмы with reference to Focus.

Bones from ancient remains were covered with black marks.

Scientists have sent discovery to the laboratory in Poznan. It turned out, the label was dealt a resin, and updated after the witch was buried.

“When drawing and photographing burial, our attention was drawn to patterns such as parallel lines, visible on both the elbow. First, we cautiously approached the opening – perhaps we thought the footprints from the animals,” said archaeologist Danuta jurkiewicz from the Institute of archaeology of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in poznań.

Archaeologists have found that the grave was dug up several times and updated pictures on hands buried.

According to researchers, the witch died at the age of 25-30 years. According to them, the dead woman played an important role in the lives of its people, which is why her grave as a sign of respect followed and constantly treated after burial.

In the words of scientists, the skeletons of this age with similar markings have never been found in Europe, so this finding is considered unique. However, scientists say that similar marks on the human remains found, but they were interpreted as the remains of a tattoo.

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