The Barcelonans called to “stay home” due to an increase in cases of COVID-19

Les Barcelonais appelés à «rester chez eux» en raison d’une hausse des cas de COVID-19

BARCELONA | Near the 4 million inhabitants of the metropolitan area of Barcelona have been called to “stay home” to impede the recovery of the epidemic of COVID-19, announced on Friday that the regional catalan government has also decided to close down cinemas or nightclubs.

Second Spanish city, very popular among international tourists, Barcelona is facing since a few days in a bond of cases of COVID-19.

In order to slow the recovery of the epidemic, the inhabitants of Barcelona, and a number of cities, suburbs, or nearly 4 million people, “should stay at home as soon as it is not necessary to go out,” said to the press the spokesman of the regional catalan government, Meritxell Budo.

It has also asked them not to go in their homes this weekend.

The regional government has announced the closure of cinemas, theatres or nightclubs, the prohibition of meetings of more than ten people and visits to retirement homes, or limiting the capacity to 50 % in bars and restaurants.

The shops non-essential will have to receive their clients on an appointment basis.

These measures must be a priori two weeks.

“We need to go back and not have to come back in the coming weeks to a total containment of the population,” he insisted Meritxell Budo.

It is necessary to “act with speed and determination to avoid that we find ourselves in the same situation as in the month of march,” she said.

Catalonia and Aragon neighbor, where cases have also increased substantially, are the two areas of concern to the Spanish authorities who oversee in total more than 150 outbreaks of contagion in the country.

In Catalonia, 160 000 people in the city of Lleida and nearby municipalities have been reconfinées Wednesday after a standoff between the regional government and justice.

The call in not going out has been expanded to other communes of the same area, bringing now the total of people involved to approximately 250,000 people in the province of Lleida.

In the Face of the rebound of the contagion, many Spanish regions, including Catalonia, have decided to strengthen the mandatory nature of the mask that must be worn at all times on public roads and in enclosed areas, even when the safety distance is respected.

Spain, who complained formally more than 28 400 deaths from the pandemic, is one of the most affected countries in Europe.

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