The Bas-Saguenay invaded by campers illegal

As elsewhere, the campers who settle in places where camping is not permitted stormed the Bas-Saguenay this summer.

In Petit-Saguenay, several campers illegal to appropriate the territory.

“It happened once that someone has emptied its fake skeptical on the public highway. A few times, wastes are found, but in general, people are respectful,” explains the mayor of Petit-Saguenay, Philôme France.

And yet, these are not campgrounds that are missing.

“We virtually always of the place”, said the director general, the Village Vacances Petit-Saguenay, Frank Turcotte.

At this location, some even go so far as to borrow deliberately from the highway to the beach to camp there rather than booking a pitch a little higher.

“People settle down near the beach to watch the scenery, but also because they don’t want to pay,” says Frank Turcotte.

“We understand that people want to come, because it is beautiful, but it is enough to call in a campsite in our sector and it’s going to be the place,” insists Philôme France.

L’anse-Saint-Jean, the phenomenon of the campers illegal is also present.

“People camped out mostly in the parking lots,” explains Lucien Martel, mayor of the place.

But in this municipality, the campsites displayed almost complete. Visitors often do not have the choice.

“It is always full, sometimes we have to install trailers in the parking lot, because when there’s no more room, we can’t invent”, expresses Sarah Dufresne, an employee at the Campground The Cove.

But here, one has not seen actions deplorable.

“There is no excess, the people are civilized, but we are monitoring the situation closely. We don’t want it to become like the Gaspé,” says Mr. Martel.

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