The Basques showed the secret classes Lorak and Kirkorov on Board: “You can do everything. Got a license”

Басков показал тайные занятия Лорак и Киркорова на борту самолета: "Тебе можно все. Получил индульгенцию"

today, 14:38

Popular Russian singer Nikolai Baskov a big fan of joking. This fact loyal fans of an Opera singer known for a long time, because each of them looks forward to a new fun video with his participation. So the fans have something to rejoice, the artist has published a new video from aboard a private plane, where he was with the stars of the Russian showbiz.

This became known through the publication of Nikolai Baskov in the network Instagram.

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A post shared by Nikolay Baskov (@nikolaibaskov) on Nov 30, 2019 at 7:14pm PST

The main characters of the video stars of the Russian stage. The story began with a joke with Phillip Kirkorov. Nicholas was on Board the ship to show its fans that usually make stars while in the air. Flights understandably long, so everyone got down to business.

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Басков показал тайные занятия Лорак и Киркорова на борту самолета: "Тебе можно все. Получил индульгенцию"

Nikolai Baskov, Instagram

But when the singer with the camera was to the front wing, it was Irina Allegrova. Angelika Varum, located opposite the singer of the hit “I clouds will shrug”, adds puzzles. And apparently, tries to hide his hobby, because then bitterly commented on the shooting Baskov: “Well, aren’t you ashamed?!”.

On Board you can also notice the Ukrainian Ani Lorak, who tried to relax. Obviously, tours and performances do not allow the artist to fully relax, because she decided to sleep while the flight. But he returned to his seat, Nicholas continued to shoot with Philip, but this time it clandestinely filmed Igor Krutoy, indeed, the hero of the occasion.

Recall that Basque and Cool fight at the airport, lorac, Lazarev and Kirkorov could not resist.

As reported Znayu Basque was attacked on the Steep after the concert, Lazarev “leaked” video of the fight.

Znayu wrote, lasted two hours: the chair has made a unique surprise for thinner Volochkova, barely survived.

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