The bat scared the passengers on the plane: video

Passenger liner just in case I searched and disinfected

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Летучая мышь напугала пассажиров в самолете: видео

The passengers made a fuss over bat

On Board American airlines, Spirit Airlines, which made flight from the city of Charlotte (North Carolina) to Newark (new Jersey), there was a curious incident. Half an hour later after the plane took off, the passengers noticed the cabin bat, reports the Independent.

Flying this flight Peter Scattini made a video, which shows, that frightened flight attendants and passengers screaming and closed by hand from the mouse. One of the travellers even disappeared from the animal in the toilet. In the end, the bat was caught and safely brought to the airport.

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“Spirit Airlines confirms that one of our recent flight from Charlotte to Newark was discovered bat – says the representative of the airline. – Drove it to the restroom and on the earth took officers animal control. The plane just in case I searched and disinfected. She probably came on Board in Charlotte when the aircraft cleaning. During the incident no one was hurt, including the bat”.

Earlier “Today” told the American Roy Sivertson from new Hampshire (USA) found in case your iPad bat. Besides, the guy was terrified of Twitter photos of bats the size of a dog.

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