The bear chases the tourist: video

Медведь гонится за туристом: видео

Медведь гонится за туристом: видео

The bear chases the tourist: video

Never too familiar with the wildlife!

May 28, 2019 at 13:32


Bears can be found in the tourist routes, Parking lots and roads. They are attracted by the smell of food and garbage – and sometimes the handouts that people feed animals.

To get closer to the bears (especially cubs!) and give them food is strictly prohibited. Beast quickly gets used to the gratuitous food and begins to demand it. This bear becomes deadly and sooner or later will be shot.

Kamchatka meetings with bears are particularly common – but even here people are breaking the rules of behavior in the wild. The next event was even captured on video.

Contrary to all the principles of security, the young man saw sitting on the side of the bear, got out of the car and began to come closer. Animal first retreated, but when man turned his back (another blunder!), rushed to his side. While in the woods wandered another bear – adult.

The victims managed to escape: a man, warned by the cries of his friends had to jump in the car. It is possible that the bear would have caused him severe injuries, and if the trees had a mother of a baby, the end of the video would be tragic.

This is not the only example of unnecessary contact with the inhabitants of the forest: in early may on the road in the Elizovsky district of the Kamchatka got into the habit to walk a young bear. The specialists of “Service for the protection of the animal world” managed to take him away from crowded places, to save the life of the people.

Find out the rules of conduct when meeting with a bear.

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