The beautiful candour of the minister Guilbeault

La belle candeur du ministre Guilbeault

Months pass, years also, our newspapers are dying one after the other, our tv takes the devil by the tail, but our governments are still hoping that the giants of the Net will eventually show themselves ” charitable “.

Tuesday, at the Banff World Media Festival (where he has not gone on a bicycle !), the minister for Heritage, Steven Guilbeault, said that he was going to drop next fall the project of law that he had announced for this month. This project, the media have been waiting for the beautiful days of Mélanie Joly, except those who are already dead and buried, about 300 !

Optimistic as the are very often the politicians, the minister Guilbeault has announced that his bill would require, finally, Google and Facebook to financially compensate all of our services of information which they publish news or provide links.

Ironically, while explaining that his government would follow the example of France and Australia, Facebook announced that it will be happy for the content of the australian media rather than pay them a compensation. The minister of Heritage would it take bladders for lanterns ?


The giants of the Net have a nice game to gorges hot when the threat of financial compensation. In relaying the information to local media, they claim to promote traffic to their sites, allowing them to collect millions in advertising and subscriptions. As to give reason to the giants, the editors of French newspapers have said in chorus that they were losers when Google decided to publish only the titles and some lines in retaliation against the act of Betting on the right neighbor.

The giants of the Net also claim that their advertising is so effective and well-targeted canadian companies, who now spend 75 % of their budget, gives them the performance that they cannot hope by returning to their historical norms. Our governments may claim that the local media are essential to democracy, they also spend the largest portion of their advertising budget among the giants of the Net.


It would have been enough of a simple decision of the revenue Agency for the canadian companies may not be able to post their advertising at Google or Facebook as an expense deductible from their income. The decision never came. The politicians have concluded that the measure would be simply the commercial internet more expensive for canadian companies, but would cause nothing to buy more advertising in the local media. A little ashamed, our governments have slightly reduced their budgets pub in the giants of the Net.

Or minister Steven Guilbeault is gargarise of words or it is downright childish, but in Banff, it is stated also that ” a financial compensation of the giants of the Net would be much more acceptable to support our media and government assistance “.

For the moment, if I except the $ 50 million over five years, promised to fund the Initiative programme of journalism for local, Heritage Canada, the federal government has not yet paid a single penny under its tax credit program to the press, announced there has already been a year and a half.

As said Claude “Peak” Ruel : “There will be no easy ! “you, mr. minister.

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