“The beautiful winter tour”: a first episode presented this evening

& ldquo; La belle tour & eacute; e en hiver & raquo;: a first episode presents ; tonight

MISE & Agrave; DAY

The beautiful tour is back for two special episodes devoted to winter and its joys.

Aired on January 7 and 14 on TVA, the show returns in a format similar to that which was presented last summer, but with completely different landscapes, with magical allures.

< p> “We notably went to Sept-Îles, on the edge of the St. Lawrence. It was like being on the seashore, but with snow and ice settling and rolling onto the beach. It was really amazing, “said the host of The beautiful winter tour, Guy Jodoin.

“Drones have also really changed the way you see the landscape. We were in Carleton-sur-Mer with the Boulay Sisters, who know and adore this region, and when they saw the images filmed by the drones, they were amazed and it was as if they were rediscovering this peninsula. . […] It's really amazing to be able to discover and rediscover with images that are completely different. […] This is what magnifies this show, ”he told QMI Agency.

The two winter episodes of The beautiful winter tour will not each be devoted to a region, as during the summer season. “We really take people to their element, either at home or in a place that is close to their hearts. And that's what is magic for me: to manage to have completely different worlds. It's a bit like pieces of puzzles that we film for four days and that we will put together in the two shows of 7 and 14 [January] ”.

L 'opportunity to reach out

By turning La belle tour, Guy Jodoin confided that he learned “a lot” and “at high speed” a great part of the history of Quebec which in the past was neither taught nor shown. For him, visiting indigenous communities and highlighting artists from these communities, but above all doing it well, was essential.

“When I was young, we didn't talk about indigenous communities. I never really learned that at school, but here with the show I'm learning a lot, ”said the host.

The beautiful tour, this is not only the landscapes, it is the human too, he argued.

The actor and host ( Alert , The cheater ) mentioned that he attached great importance to the human bonds he created. He also said that it was important for him to make native artists feel comfortable so that they would want to indulge themselves and for the people at home to be like, “Ah! is the fun Beatrice Deer. It's beautiful what she says and her music is good. ”

“ I want people who trust me to say to themselves through my eyes: “Ah well, Guy love her, she must be nice, ”he added.

“It would be nice if we managed to hold hands, but a hand outstretched to apologize for the blunders we made. Worse being able to tell each other that we are brothers. We always say that the French are like our little cousins, but why couldn't we say that, that the members of the indigenous communities could be our little cousins? I have the impression that we would come out grown up. ”

“ I couldn't have done that when I left theater school, because I wouldn't have had that fullness. , that peace to be able to chat with people like that. But now with the experience that I have, I think that I am able to listen to them well and to welcome them and to give them the place which is due to them ”, continued Guy Jodoin.

< em> The beautiful winter tour will be broadcast on January 7 and 14, on TVA, and January 9 and 16 on Télé-Québec.

In the first episode, 2Frères, Mike Clay, Lunou Zucchini and the Boulay Sisters will present their part of the country, while FouKi, Claude Cobra, Marie-Ève ​​Janvier, Paul Piché and Scott-Pien Picard will participate in the second episode.

Next summer, 14 new episodes should also see the light of day.

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