The beginning of the construction holiday in the sun

Début des vacances de la construction sous le soleil

The end of the week will be under the sun in Quebec, until the passage of a major front on a rainy Sunday at the end of the day.

This front will be preceded by a time heavy and wet, which will increase the humidex over 40.

Between 10 and 25 mm of rain are expected in most regions of Québec, with maximum limits on the centre-du-Quebec region, Capitale-Nationale.

On the side of the temperatures, it will be Saturday, 28 degrees Celsius in Sherbrooke and Quebec city (humidex 34), 29 degrees at Val-D’or (33), and 30 degrees in Montreal (36).

Sunday, the temperature will be 34 degrees in the region of montreal, (43), 32 degrees in Gatineau (42), 30 degrees in Quebec city (40), 28 degrees in Saguenay (37).

For the first week of the vacation of the building, it is the rain and the clouds that punctuate the days.

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