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Where to watch a movie in Kiev: the best space movies

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Лучшие кинотеатры в Киеве: подборка для киноманов

Where to watch a movie in Kiev

The movie remains one of the favorite activities of residents and guests of the capital. And this is despite the availability of advanced technology, Internet, gadgets, and home theater. Still, the latest movies are best to watch the old fashioned way – in the cinema. Where is the best place to spend time and watch a movie in Kiev, read our review.

Лучшие кинотеатры в Киеве: подборка для киноманов

The best cinemas in the city: Cultural center “Cinema Kyiv”

One of the oldest cinemas in the capital, located in the center of the capital, more than 65 years. He retained the classical architectural style of that time. At present, there are three halls: blue and red with the technology of Dolby Digital EX and DVD hall “Cinematheque”. KC “Cinema” is included in the international network of the best cinemas “Europe Cinemas”. Here is a special repertoire of films with a variety of genres and styles. Often held Ukrainian and international festivals, special projects, exclusive programs, retrospectives and premieres of films with participation of stars of cinema.

Theater address: Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya str., 19.

Best movie theaters in Kiev: “Zhovten”

Even more ancient theater of Kiev Zhovten was built in 1931. After several reconstructions and technical re-equipment of cinema today, has six rooms with modern projectors and sound systems. In this kinoonline frequently hosts film premieres, showcasing European and domestic new films, screenings in the original language, festivals, meetings, audience discussions, etc. Included in the international network of the best cinemas “Europe Cinemas”.

Theater address: St. Constantine, 26.

Best movie theaters in Kiev: network MULTIPLEX

One of the largest and most famous networks in Ukraine – MULTIPLEX. On its account more than hundred rooms in 24 sites located in 16 cities of the country. In Kiev today there are 6 cinemas MULTIPLEX, equipped with the latest technology: screens dual image projection, three-dimensional image 3D and the Twins, sound systems, dolby digital seats superior. The network is constantly growing and evolving, in the near future in Kiev, plans to open three cinemas.

Addresses of cinemas:

Lavina Mall, berkovetska str, 6D;

Sky Mall, Avenue General Vatutin, 2T;

Avenue, St. gnat hotkevich, 1B;

Atmosphere, Stolichnoe shosse, 103;

Caravan, ul. meadow, 12;

Komod, ul, 4A.

Best movie theaters in Kiev: the network of cinemas “Oscar”

In the capital today, there are two cinemas network “Oscar”, and will soon be opening a third. “Oscar” shopping center “dream town”, Obolon this year celebrates 10-year anniversary. It is a huge complex on the 4000 square meters, which houses eight modern halls, equipped with Christie projectors for great image quality in 2D and 3D format, armchairs Cineplex and the popcorn bar and snack bar.

“Oscar” in the Mall “Gulliver” is located on the 7th floor. It is designed according to the latest industry trends, and includes six comfortable rooms, comfortable areas for waiting sessions, pubs, children’s room. By the way, this is the first theater in the capital, which was equipped with sound system, Dolby Atmos and moving synchronously with the image on the screen chairs D-Box.

Addresses of cinemas:

Dream Town Mall, 3rd floor, Obolonskiy Prospekt, 1B;

“Gulliver” shopping Mall, 7th floor, Sportivnaya str. 1A.

Best movie theaters in Kiev: the network of cinemas “butterfly”

In Kiev, there are three cinema of the network “butterfly”. In the largest of them, in the shopping center “Cosmopolitan” has 9 rooms, in other theaters – four hall. They all have large screens with a special twist and bend. Also, in some halls equipped with digital equipment to broadcast movies in формате3D. In addition, the network “butterfly” working snack bars, a games room for children.

Addresses of cinemas:

“Butterfly Ultramarine” street V. Lypkivskyi, 1A;

“Butterfly Cosmopolitan” V. Getman St.,6;

“Butterfly DeLuxe” Antonovicha, 50;

“Butterfly Nivki” Shcherbakovskaya St. Daniel, 58;

Best movie theaters in Kiev: the network of cinemas “Planeta Kino”

“Planet cinema” – a network of Ukrainian theaters, one of which is located in Kiev, EC “Blockbuster”. It is the largest cinema Planeta Kino in Kiev. There are 13 rooms, each of which has its own unusual and unique for a great movie-holiday.

In the hall of the IMAX movies is in the cinema with the special geometry. A huge screen with a height of 5-storey building has a concave shape. The image is broadcast simultaneously from two projectors, modern sound system is configured so that the same sound could be clearly heard in all corners of the hall.

Cinema with a new 4DX technology makes viewing movies extreme. There are special moving seats and special effects: rain, fog, lightning and scents that complement the plot of the film.

Also in other halls of the supported formats for 2D, 3D movies. In addition, it offers viewers are minoritarny RE LUX, kinomarket.

Theater address: prosp Stepana Bandery, 34B.

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