The best guardian angels: “I don't work, I play”

The best guardian angels: “I don’t work, I play”


Doris Deschamps

  • Maintenance worker
  • Works at Résidence Saint -Philippe for a year

A maintenance worker sows good humor in a private residence for seniors.

Residents and employees of an RPA in Quebec have the chance to share their daily lives with a housekeeping attendant who spreads happiness with originality.

Small chocolates, birthday cards, special attentions for seniors and colorful disguises on special days are among the “other related tasks” that Doris Deschamps has taken on since her arrival a year ago at the Résidence Saint-Philippe, in the Neufchâtel sector, in Quebec. 

“Doris always has a smile on her face. She is in a good mood and she says hello to everyone. As soon as she has the chance to mark an important date, such as Easter or Saint Patrick's Day, her cart is decorated,” says Johanne Nadeau, her manager at RPA.

“Everyone good mood to work with Doris, she continues. When we hired her, we already saw a dynamism, but we couldn't imagine [that it would be so much]. 

Big shoes to put on  

Ms. Deschamps had big shoes to fill, since the attendant who preceded her was highly appreciated. 

“Doris replaced a person I thought was irreplaceable,” argues Claudette Létourneau, a resident.  

During the visit of the Journal, Ms. Létourneau had prepared an acrostic to pay homage to him. “He is a gifted, original, refreshing, imaginative person and, above all, very sensitive. I would have added more, but she has a short first name, ”underlines the lady.

Another resident, Aurèle Hudon, also praised her merits.

“Doris is a charming woman who does not allow herself to be imposed. She never shy away from her tasks. We see her as persevering, passionate and capable of creating an efficient and intelligent work environment,” he shared. of his spouse. 

“I get attached easily” 

Ms. Deschamps was moved by the kind words of these two residents. “It's a flower,” she slips, before hugging them as a thank you.

It's to bring a bit of sunshine to seniors who are alone that she started all these little touches.  

“I get attached to people easily. It pained me so much to see these people all alone. That's when I started buying cards and giving them chocolate,” she explains. special attention. “I always tell my husband that I'm not working, I'm having fun,” she says. 

“I have all the happiness I need here. »

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