The best movies at the Venice film festival 2019 from the General producer of the FESTIVAL Yulia Sinkevich

Julia Sinkevich called your favorites, which she was impressed by most viewed

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Лучшие фильмы Венецианского кинофестиваля 2019 от генпродюсера ОМКФ Юлии Синькевич

Julia Sinkevich

2019 Venice film festival, which started in Italy on the island of Lido, on August 28, almost came to an end – just need to know the names of the winners in each of the programs.

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And while the General producer of the Odessa international film festival Julia Sinkevich called his minions who impressed her the most.

“About infinity”

  • Director: Roy Andersson
  • Country: Sweden, Germany, Norway

Master of the existential tragicomedy Roy Andersson is no stranger to Venice. In 2014, it is the absurdity and beauty of human life in the movie “a Pigeon sat on a branch reflecting on existence” brought her the victory. The new film “About infinity” consists of a series of portraits of characters in different situations. The Director remains true to himself and his specific sense of humor, by which his style is recognizable.

“The Joker”

  • Director: Todd Phillips
  • Country: USA, Canada

One of the most anticipated films of the year really worth it. This is the first Kinomax in history that got on the world’s largest festival. It is important that the new Joker is a completely different, separate from the films with Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger or Jared Leto story. In the film about a villain, who is perfectly played by Joaquin Phoenix, there are new details about the DC universe in General and about the relationship of Batman and the Joker in particular.

“New dad” (TV series)

  • Director: Paolo Sorrentino
  • Country: Italy, Spain, France

Venice is really the most suitable choice for the premiere of “New Pope” of Paolo Sorrentino. At the film festival showed two episodes (2nd and 7th) new season of nine, from which it is clear that the Vatican came to the new Pope – the actual John Malkovich. In the seventh episode, filmed entirely in Venice, and even has the quote “Youth” Sorrentino. John Malkovich is going to take over the reins of the Catholic Church, while the Pope is in a coma. So experience is not necessary – Jude law remained in place. The new season shows once again the talent Sorrentino to turn the Pope into a sex symbol. Perhaps even in two.

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“White on white”

  • Director: Théo Court
  • Country: Spain, Chile, France, Germany

In his second feature film born on the island of Ibiza Chilean film Director Theo Court explores the transformation of the interest into desire. The main character is a portrait photographer who was hired to capture the wedding. However, it impresses the bride herself – she is a little girl. Besides the main story, Theo Court focuses on the global problem, during which the action of the film. Then there were the Indian demographic catastrophe, when the European colonizers destroyed the indigenous population of America.

“Wasp network”

  • Director: Olivier Assayas
  • Country: France, Spain, Belgium, Brazil

Unexpected for French Director Olivier Assayas drama about Cuban spies, which he was inspired by the book “the Last soldiers of the cold war,” Fernando Rich. The Director explores and interprets the conflict between the two Nations lasting several desyatiletii. It’s not the best film, even though he tells about an important historical event. However, pleased with the cast of the film: Penelope Cruz, Edgar Ramirez and Gael Garcia Bernal.

“Martin Eden”

  • Director: Pietro Marcello
  • Country: Italy, France, Germany

Autobiographical novel by Jack London is easily the film adaptation that has been made repeatedly. At this time in history came from the Italian Director Pietro Marcello and moved the action in the recent past. Martin Eden lives in a poor area of the Italian port city and barely making ends meet, until he meets Elena from a bourgeois family. The film looks like it was filmed in the 80s, through the use of film. Came out very poetic and beautiful movie in which Pietro Marcello masterfully uses images from the news and draws Parallels with current social issues in today’s Italy.


  • Director: Valentyn Vasyanovych
  • Country: Ukraine

The second significance of the festival program “Horizons” held the world premiere of Ukrainian film “Atlantis” Valentine Vasyanovich. The Director presented, that is, when the war in the East of Ukraine, what would happen to those who defended the country that they are waiting and waiting, if at all. Today it is the strongest work Vasyanovich. By the way, in the picture there is not a single professional actor – ATO veterans, volunteers and military APU. “Atlantis” is a truly unique event, historical, because Ukraine for the first time in many years is taking part in the official program of the Venice film festival.

We will remind, on one of the most anticipated potocolom Venice film festival 2019 I visited Liv Tyler, Ruth Negga, brad pitt, and Director of the Brazilian-American science fiction film James gray.

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Лучшие фильмы Венецианского кинофестиваля 2019 от генпродюсера ОМКФ Юлии Синькевич

Лучшие фильмы Венецианского кинофестиваля 2019 от генпродюсера ОМКФ Юлии Синькевич

Лучшие фильмы Венецианского кинофестиваля 2019 от генпродюсера ОМКФ Юлии Синькевич


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