The best singer and the singer’s version of the award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019”

Held prestigious musical award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019”

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Лучшие певица и певец по версии премии "Золота Жар-птиця 2019"

The names of the winners of the award “Gold Heat-ptica”

The musical premium “Gold Heat-ptica 2019” was held on 18 April, and already known winners, including the winners in the most prestigious categories: “Best singer”, “Best singer” and “Best music video”.

For the title of best singer fought Alexander Ponomarev, Sergey Babkin, Kishe, Ivan NAVI, Pianoboy.

  • Best singer: Sergey Babkin

In the nomination “the Best singer” was attended by Andrian, California TARABAROVA, Olga Cybulski, Zlata ognevich.

  • Best singer: Zlata ognevich

In the category “Best video” were presented works of Ukrainian artists: Olga Cybulski – “Suknja bila”, Zlata ognevich – “Dolan”, KAZKA – “Crying”, Adrian – “Oh, Mama”, Vopl Doplease – “Cobra”.

  • Best clip: Vopl Doplease – “Cobra”

We Note Today.Lifestyle also shared a complete list of winners of the award “Gold Heat-ptica 2019”.

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