The best sports games

Les meilleurs jeux de sports

Because there is no evil to win cups with his thumbs, history of wait versions of 2021…

“NHL 20”

This is the time to put expenses on the rinks of the teams! This edition of the franchise EA Sports is offering as a novelty to the Shots Signature (“Signature Shots” of players. Thus, the “gamer” has access to the own style to each player of the national hockey League (NHL). Goalkeepers virtual are also improved; – “NHL 20” them to assess the threats posed by the attackers when mounted to the net. Finally, come straight titles, “FIFA” of the company, the “Hockey Ultimate Team” the ability to earn rewards.

“NBA 2K20”

Impossible not to succumb to this title, the better for the basketball. The movements of the basketball players have been improved, as well as their dribbling. The tutorial – essential – allows the amateur to learn the basics of the game at his own pace. Nevertheless, it is frustrating to see so many proposals microtransaction business model monetary… after having paid for the game.

“MLB The Show 19”

For its 14th title in the franchise, Sony Interactive Entertainment has added a “Moments” in which the “gamer” can play again and change the highlights of the history of baseball. The mode “Road to the Show” allows for him to create a player fictitious and evolve throughout his career.

“PES 2020”

This time, the soccer players and the stadiums in which they play are reproduced identically. The other notable improvement in this iteration of the franchise, the quality of the animations of the players, which makes games much more fluid. The curious eager to test “PES 2020” can download a “lite” version (“light”) of the winner of the award for best sports game at the last E3 on the site of Konami.

“F1 ” 2019″

Official game of the Grand Prix of F1 and F2 (from this iteration), the title comprises all of the car racers, as well as the 21 official circuits of 2019. Among the improvements, the night racing, in which the realism will leave you breathless. It is also possible to measure other “gamers” online at the weekly challenges.

“Madden NFL 20”

Inevitable game of football, “Madden NFL 20” has a new story mode allows the lovers of this sport to create his rear quarter, and to make it progress so that it is recruited by the NFL. Another bonus, the 22 musical pieces composed exclusively for the game by artists such as Snoop Dogg, or Joey Bada$$, a first in the history of the franchise.

“TGC 2019”

In addition to a mode “career”, a realism is breathtaking as well as intuitive controls and a choice of activities online, “TGC 2019” also offers to build his or her own journey and share it with others.

“UFC 3”

Amateur mixed martial arts? Here is the title to which play. With its 5 000 additional events, an opportunity to create his dream team, or his or her fighter, this game of EA Sports does not disappoint. In addition, the “G. O. A. T.” offers the opportunity to advance its fighter, inside and outside of the rings.

The crowd sounds of the games!

In Europe, soccer clubs have decided to use it. In North America, it is now the turn of major League baseball (MLB). What is it? The use of sound effects from video games in games to come. Because pandemic is forcing the teams will play in stadiums empty, which désarçonne athletes.

In Europe, it is the Premier League and the Spanish la Liga, who have asked EA Sports to provide them with the noise of the fans, made for the franchise of FIFA. In the United States, the MLB turned to Sony. The NBA has a contract with 2K Sports to use his library of sounds.

Eric Sogard, player, Milwaukee Brewers, explained to the Associated Press that the encouragement of the crowd were much appreciated. “We are focused on the game, but the noises are very useful. I have found that the total silence when the first bullet was hard to bear for some players.”

It will also allow viewers to enjoy an experience which is as close to the original in the retransmission of the matches. Because the various sports clubs benefit from games summer camps to record sounds that will be used during the next television season.

The record-breaking

The month of June 2020 has been good for the video game industry. On the 17th of July last, the analysis firm NPD reported that total sales had reached US $1.2 billion. The pandemic continues to enjoy to this industry that has not known as good numbers since… 2009. The expenditures related to the games have increased by 26 % in comparison with the same period last year. In addition, since the beginning of 2020, the sales of consoles, accessories and games have reached 6.6 billion US$. The previous record was seven billion in 2010.

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