The best “timing” to renovate a hotel from A to Z

Le meilleur «timing» pour rénover un hôtel de A à Z

The Hilton Québec has a sense of ” timing “. Without knowing that a pandemic would undermine the hotel industry in 2020, the facility has chosen the best time to close and do major renovations.

The second largest hotel in the capital – after the Chateau Frontenac is undergoing an extreme transformation, has there been observed during an initial site visit carried out by The Journal.

Everything will be redone from A to Z : the rooms, the public areas, the lobby, the conference rooms, the restaurants, the fitness center, the windows, the plumbing, the electricity, Shower regrouting perth etc

The rooms have been laid bare.

The look of the hotel, to the outside, will not change much because of the constraints imposed in the sector of the hill, but the concrete will yield its place to a coating of aluminum, more durable, and of the same color.

“We call it a renovation but at bottom, this is a new build from a skeleton. The transformation touches everything, ” observes the director of sales and marketing, Gina Cuglietta, which may not unveil the cost of this large-scale construction site.

Planned closure

The owners in the toronto area, InnVest Hotels, were far from suspecting that their industry would collapse due to the health crisis, and that customers, in any way, would not be at the rendezvous when they took the bold decision to close the hotel for a year.

The DG of the Hilton Jean-François Lincourt, director of sales Gina Cuglietta and the technical director Carl Voyer.

“It’s pretty amazing to be dropped just like that. It is unreal and it is just a timing. It was quite ambitious to make a decision like that on a financial level, but it was the best decision to take, because if we had continued to receive clients during the work, we would have stretched it and it would have taken at least 3-4 years to complete. This was not viable, ” said Ms. Cuglietta.

Far from rejoicing over the misfortune of others, she reminds us that InnVest and the Hilton chain are also affected, since they have many other hotels. “It’s unfortunate for everyone. There will be an impact also for the future, and it will take some time before you get back to it as before “, relativizes-t-it.

Re-opening of the 1st of January 2021

Closed in the beginning of the year, the Hilton Québec plans to re-open its doors as planned on January 1, 2021, despite the cessation of the construction site for seven weeks because of the COVID-19, which will have an inevitable impact on the schedule.

The 571 rooms have not all been completed within the time planned and the work will continue beyond 1 January, but the future customers will not suffer, assures Ms. Cuglietta. “We’ll open with a reduced inventory of rooms, but customers will not see the difference because all of the rooms have already been defeated, so it will not make noise. ”

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