The best zombie movie of the last 10 years is on Netflix: its merciless horror will destroy you

If you don't need gallons of blood and flying guts, Netflix has a quiet, yet all the more touching, zombie survival drama. The movie Cargo with Martin Freeman is available and you won't believe it!

What makes a good zombie movie? Opinions obviously differ on the matter. Some think it's enough to show the undead en masse, others prefer bloodshed. It is also for this reason that films and series of the genre are not necessarily unanimous or end up getting tired over time (hello The Walking Dead which nobody cares about when it is soon entering its final season). What if the best zombie movies were the unexpected ones?

Cargo on Netflix, an unexpected little masterpiece

Released a few years ago in the greatest discretion, the film Cargo available on Netflix is ​​a little gem for those who like to be surprised… and upset. A feature film that can destroy you, without being brutal or 100% terrifying. The plot of Cargois set in outback Australia after a zombie pandemic has swept the world. Andy (Martin Freeman), his wife Kay (Susie Porter) and their one-year-old daughter Rosie try to survive. But despite all the precautions, Kay is first infected followed by Andy. He only has 48 hours to get Rosie to safety before he turns into a bloodthirsty undead.

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This mix between zombies and family drama against a backdrop of colonialism, is incredibly touching and brilliantly staged by the director duo Ben Howling/Yolanda Ramke. Instead of big effects, they gently stage the zombie apocalypse and turn this movie into a quiet survival drama with little splash but plenty of tragedy.

If you're ready to be surprised, then check out Cargo on Netflix. You won't be disappointed!

This article was written in collaboration with our colleagues at FilmStarts.