“The big Bang theory” will end with a one hour finale

«Теория большого взрыва» закончится часовым финалом

This spring, after the twelfth season of the cult series “the big Bang Theory”

The creators are hoping not to disappoint fans and has prepared for them a surprising finale in which the audience will laugh and cry. And most importantly – it will last for an hour.

According to the writer Chuck Lorre, the time finale will consist of two episodes with a common cross-cutting storyline. Premiere date the last episode is not yet defined.

Showrunner also stated with pride that “Studio 25”, where took place the shooting of “the big Bang Theory”, received the plaque in honor of the popular series. It is noteworthy that the Corporation Warner Bros. only five nominal studios, while others have only a serial number. Among the lucky ones – the site where starred “Friends,” “er,” “Two and a half men” and “Ellen DeGeneres”.

Lori admitted that he did not expect that his child will “survive” at least until the second season, not to mention the twelfth. Because of this honor, which has had a “Studio 25”, seems particularly relevant.

“We come to work every day just to make a good show, and not think about how to get the nameplate. But this sign speaks volumes. It makes us part of history,” said Chuck Laurie.

Recall that the TV series “the big Bang Theory”, launched in 2005, tells the story of two talented physicists, who know everything about black holes, but it hardly represents how to communicate with people and especially women. Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper, for several years in a row topped the list of highest paid actors on television.

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