The big discomfort

Les gros malaises

Do pubs today, this is not a trivial matter. You have large chances of creating a controversy.

But I have a great unease with the fact that the lobby of “Those who see the grossophobie everywhere” was made to cancel an ad for a Maxi, starring Martin Matte.

Misery, we all gained weight during the confinement ! We all ate our emotions ! We all made bread because of Ricardo ! We all had too much to drink !

And we don’t have the right to make jokes on it without throwing tomatoes ?


Why am I talking about tomatoes ? Because in this pub, very, very, very funny, that I watched yesterday morning, you saw Matt telling he dipped his Savoura tomatoes in the ice cream Coaticook, a funny, naughty, clever, hilarious, bidonnante, funny, entertaining, pleasing, boast the diversity of local products.

As soon as I saw the ad of Max, I said to myself in my inner heart : “Look at that, you, if it is not blame of making fun of the “wrapped” “.

I knew, nothing more than to see Matte at the swollen face and ensconced in a suit which made him look like a sumo wrestler japanese, that someone, somewhere would be offended. Because it is in 2020.

There is room for more lightness, more room for irony, no place for the second degree.

Remember this pub a real estate agency, with his little song : “Your family is undergoing major changes, we think the move, since your father became a mom “.

It is only laughed at not transgender, it is not despised not transgender, it was just ABOUT transgender people. But for the transgender community, it has not passed. Kind.

It seems to me that when Martin Matte says that it’s a mixture of ” salad of spinach, greaves and Passion Flakie “, everyone understands that it is a CARICATURE.

According to Anorexia and Bulimia Quebec, ” this ad might have an impact on psychological distress, shame and guilt because of messages that can be conveyed “.

Wooooo engines ! At no time in this pub can’t be said that it is ugly, nasty, or disgusting to have gained weight !

Summarize : there are 8 million 485 000 Quebecers. There are 8 million 484 000 who have gained weight during the pandemic, and are able to laugh it off. And because of a few activists crumpled, a pub hyper funny is censored.

And you are telling me that we should not speak of a tyranny of the minority ? You want to laugh ?


On a website of millĂ©niaux, a young woman described her reaction to the pub : “I felt the shame, the anxiety, and I was heavily triggered “.

But we spend our time to be ” triggered “, that is to say, to see things that trigger in us a memory, an emotional response. It’s called life.

Well, I leave you, this whole story depressed me. I’m going to go soak Savoura tomatoes in the ice cream Coaticook. Vanilla. The best.

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