The bird crashed into the girl on ride: funny video

The video appeared on Facebook and has collected more than 400 thousand views

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Птица врезалась в девочку на аттракционе: курьезное видео

The bird ran into the kid at the amusement Park

A girl named Paige, who rode at the amusement Park Movie World Australian city gold coast, Queensland, the attraction suddenly hit a bird species of IBIS. The incident occurred on Sunday, July 28. The video, captured by a surveillance camera, published tabloid the Daily Mail.

Originally, the video appeared in Facebook and gathered over a hundred thousand views and hundreds of comments. “Poor bird,” wrote one. “Never go on a roller coaster,” promised the other. “The video can not hear what she says, but you can easily guess: “my Lord, the bird, my heart stopped,” claimed the third.

After the collision with the IBIS Paige left a scratch on his right shoulder.

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IBIS water birds with long curved beaks. They inhabit tropical, subtropical and warm-temperate latitudes. Often found in Eastern Australia, including on the territory of Queensland. Ibises are under threat of extinction.

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