The birthday girl got cake with a horrible “surprise”

The Australian had time to try dessert, so they took her to the hospital for x-rays

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Именинница получила торт с жутким "сюрпризом"

A resident of Australia received the gift of a cake with needles

A woman named Skye Wilson-Wright of the Australian state of Victoria received its 30th anniversary decorated cake with a “surprise”. In one of the berries, the birthday girl found a needle. Reported by ABC News.

Wilson-Wright managed to try dessert, so they took her to the hospital for x-rays. However, doctors found in a woman’s body sharp objects. The Australian said that the strawberries were purchased in a suburb of Melbourne, Victoria.

The police said that this is not the first such case. August 25, Australians found the needle in strawberries purchased in the store on the North-East of Melbourne. They went to the police on September 10.

Earlier “Today” I wrote like 50-year-old Fatoumata Mai Ly Trinh from Australia berries are stuffed with needles and pins. Producers had to withdraw from the market tons of products. Agriculture then suffered losses of nearly $ 116 million dollars. In addition, needle in pears found in Melbourne.

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