The birthday of Nina Matvienko: the best duet of Ukrainian singer

The singer was 72

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День рождения Нины Матвиенко: лучшие дуэты украинской певицы

Nina Matvienko

October 10, his birthday celebrates legendary Ukrainian singer Nina Matvienko. She has an incredible voice, and her songs are fascinating.

Find out how Nina Matviyenko celebrated his birthday:

Nina Matvienko was born in the village of Nedilyshche Zhytomyr region. He studied at the boarding school for children from large families. Since 1968, after graduating from the vocal Studio at the Ukrainian national choir. G. H. Ropes, was his soloist. In repertoire of the singer many folk songs.

However, Nina Matvienko sang in duets with other famous artists. Sometimes such collaboration was totally unexpected. We offer you to recall the most memorable duets by Nina Matvienko.

MONATIK and Nina Matvienko – “This day”

The premiere took place during the concert “Evening with the Prime Minister Ekaterina Osadchaya”. The actress admitted that at first wanted to abandon the Duo, but under the pressure of the girls decided to agree to the experiment.

Stas shurins and Nina Matvienko – “Kvitka-dusha”

An unexpected duet with the young artist. The premiere took place in the air “star Factory 3”.

Nina Matvienko and Tonya Matvienko – “Mamo, OCR dogora”

Of course, Nina Matvienko sang in a duet with her talented daughter Tonya.

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Nina Matvienko and Anastasia Petrik – “Skripal”

An unusual Duo is already an experienced and popular artist with the young singer.

Also Nina Matvienko sang Montserrat caballé a Capella Ukrainian song “Cranes tletl”. After a sensual performance of two legends exchanged compliments and embraced.

Earlier, Nina Matvienko joined the project “Shchyri. Holy.”

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