The birthday of Queen Elizabeth II: what do we know about the British Queen

April 21 Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating its 93rd anniversary

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День рождения Елизаветы II: что мы знаем о британской королеве

The birthday of Queen Elizabeth II: interesting facts about the Queen

Today, April 21, Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II is celebrating her birthday. Her Majesty turns 93 years. In 2019, the birthday of Queen Elizabeth II coincides with the Catholic Easter, and that means that the birthday girl will receive its first congratulations to St George’s chapel in Windsor, where traditionally held Easter service. In this article Today. Lifestyle offers to remember what we know about the elderly ruler.

Two birthdays

Under a long-standing Royal tradition, the birthday of Elizabeth II celebrates twice a year: one family and the second one of the weekend days of June. In the summer of congratulations to the Queen for all government, arranging parades and public receptions.

Elizabeth II officially takes the throne for 67 years. Her reign began in 1952, when the Queen was 25 years old. Thus, Queen Elizabeth II is the oldest monarch in British history and the record for the stay on the throne.

The birth of the Queen

Princess Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born on 21 April 1926 in London. Her parents were the Duke and Duchess of York, who was very fond of his heir. The baptism of the future Queen was held in the Music room of Buckingham Palace. Her godparents were George V and Queen Mary.

At the time of his birth Her Royal Highness Princess Elizabeth of York was already ranked third in order of succession, but then nobody thought that it will become the ruler of the country.

Young Elizabeth studied languages, history and religion. After the Second world war she trained as a mechanic and ambulance driver, and received the rank of Lieutenant. The future Queen became the first heir to the throne, who served in a military unit.

In her childhood she was interested in horses and horse riding does even today. Elizabeth is also fond of photography, gardening, and loved traveling.

The coronation and reign

6 February 1952 died Elizabeth’s father King George VI. She had to take his place on the throne, and the coronation ceremony, which was broadcast on television, was held in Westminster Abbey on 2 June 1953. After that, the Queen immediately went to a six-month tour of the Commonwealth, the British colonies and other countries of the world. On an official visit, she visited Australia and New Zealand. During the years of his reign, Elizabeth II has visited many countries, including India, Turkey and Pakistan.

Love and family

In thirteen years, Elizabeth met Philip Mountbatten and immediately fell in love with him. They were married on 20 November 1947 after Philip received the title of Duke of Edinburgh.

14 Nov 1948, Her Majesty gave birth to her first child Prince Charles. Two years later they appeared Philip Princess Anne. 19 February 1960 was born the third child of the Queen – Prince Andrew, 10 March 1964, it became known about the birth of Prince Edward.

Earlier, Elizabeth II vetoed the request of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, who are preparing to become parents, to create their own independent courtyard in the residence of Frogmore house. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex wanted their house was completely independent from Buckingham Palace, but the monarch refused. “There are rules that do not allow such independence,” reports the insider.

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